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01 Mar 2021

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Minecraft is no longer limited to one dimension for survival, but until a certain point there was only one planet inhabited by players. With the Space.PE - Cosmic mod, space will become a familiar travel destination for every inhabitant of the blocky world. The assembly includes 4 space objects at once, which users can visit. But first you need to get the necessary equipment.

Space suit
Appropriate materials are required to obtain the costume. The new ore is aluminum, which is created from iron in a new furnace. First you need to melt the materials, and then get the ingots.
Receiving aluminum
After that, we turn to the craft of armor: it will help with survival on other planets. Follow the screenshot below to get the required items.
Oxygen suit
To travel to another planet, you need a vehicle. The rocket is ideal, which is crafted according to the recipes in the screenshot below. Remember that you need fuel to move - while there are two types available.
Crafting rockets
True, to get to a space object, you need to find it with a telescope. Let's start with the moon.

  • Much less planets
  • Consists of lunar regolith and soil
  • There are two types of ore available
  • The first ore - cheese - can be eaten
  • Second ore - sapphire
  • Sapphire sword deals 6.5 damage
  • Sapphire hammer allows you to transform one material into another
Moon in the game
Getting sapphire
Sapphire Hammer
Transformation of some materials into others
  • Bigger Moon
  • Gravity is less than on Earth, but more than on the Moon
  • The boss spawns here and spawns under the ground. The monster looks like a zombie, but with enhanced characteristics
  • The boss drops a chest with valuable things: super potions, rewards and a redstone heart
  • From a redstone heart, you can create a station that will act as a beacon. To do this, you need to set up a station and surround with books
  • A ruby ​​is generated on Mars, from which you can create a sword (7.5 damage) and a drill
  • The drill will require new material that is mined from meteorites.
  • Rubies can be used to create fast transport, and meteorites can be used to create a food pipe
Boss of Mars
Crafting items from Mars
Redstone heart
Making a drill
Tunnel pipe
  • Largest planet
  • Many volcanoes on the surface
  • Under the ground is a dungeon with a boss in the form of a skeleton
  • The skeleton will shoot quickly. Drop: Chest with Special Fuel
  • Available Venus ore, which is used to craft a buggy - a high-speed car
  • Vesper Ore Sword deals 9 damage
Skeleton Boss
  • Mountain system
  • Huge spiders spawn in caves
  • You can get cool weapons from monsters
  • New ore - topaz
  • Topaz sword deals 10 damage
Mobs of Mercury
  • Powerful weapons that are crafted from ore from various planets
  • First you need to craft a wand
  • Sapphire Staff - Slow
  • Ruby Staff - Heal
  • Vesper Staff - Ignite
  • Topaz Staff - Raising into the Air
  • Meteor staff - summon lightning, but stun the character
Staff stick
Crafting staves
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