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03 Mar 2021

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Can't wait for the update with caves for Minecraft? Then use the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs mod to apply most of the features of the long-awaited update now. Beta versions already contain a lot of features and things that will be in the official update, but this add-on has a couple of new elements. For example, you can mine amethyst, eat glowing berries, and much more.

  • Occasionally generated underground
  • While it can be found in random veins, but in the future the author will change the generation function
  • Amethyst formations can grow crystals or blocks above themselves, which, when destroyed, give fragments (this requires empty space)
  • Amethyst shards are used to craft an amethyst block or tinted glass
Amethyst Blocks
Amethyst blocks in the cave
Crafting amethyst block
Tinted glass
  • Looks like dark glass, but does not let any light through
Tinted glass
Tinted glass during construction
  • Crafted from 1 Amethyst Shard and 2 Copper Ingots
  • Only works with 1.16.210 as it contains copper in the recipe
  • Used for long distance vision so the player can see much further
  • Makes a sound and animates when approached
Spyglass in hand
Spyglass in the player's hand
Decorative stones
  • 4 types: calcite, drip stone, smooth basalt and tuff
  • Tuff and calcite are generated underground
  • Dripstone can be crafted using the crafting recipe (beta only)
  • Smooth basalt is mined by smelting common basalt
Decorative stone block
Remelting basalt
Four blocks of decorative stone
Gloomy stone
  • Generated deep underground
  • High resistance to explosion and destruction
  • At the lower levels of the caves, the usual ores are no longer generated, except for andesite, diamond, gold, lapis lazuli and redstone: instead, dark stones containing ore appear
  • It is used to obtain a smooth block and bricks
  • Tiles made from this material are available in creative mode.
  • Half blocks and ladders available
  • All blocks: /function allgrimstone
Gloomy stone
Ores in grimstone
Gloomy stone craft
Grim Stone Obtained in the Stone Carver
Dark Stone Staircase
Assorted Darkstone Blocks
  • Convenient tool for moving a lot of things
  • Recipe: 5 rabbit skins and 2 strings
  • May not work properly in multiplayer
  • The item is a spawn egg that spawns a bag of items (like a chest)
  • 13 slots available
Craft bag
Bag inventory
Glowing lichen
  • Rarely appears underground
  • Illuminates the space
Glowing lichen
Glowing berries
  • Tasty food
  • Not yet available in survival mode
  • Restores 1 unit of hunger
  • You can grow a plant
  • The plant will illuminate the space
Glowing berries
Mossy block
  • Available only with commands
  • When applied with bone dust, it will grow different blocks next to itself
  • Two blocks will give a mossy carpet
Mossy block
Mossy carpet
Sensor unit
  • Currently available only through commands
  • No application
  • Plants grow on it
Sensor unit
Decorative blocks
  • Azalea
  • Blooming azalea
  • Azalea leaves
  • Blooming azalea leaves
  • Rooted dirt
  • Mossy carpet
  • Hanging roots
  • Sensor blocks
Various assembly plants
Changed textures of objects and blocks
  • To get the rest of the items, you can enter the command /function allitems
  • Changes were made to the clock, compass, coal, gold, iron, redstone, emerald, lapis lazuli, copper ore, and stone
Changed textures of objects and blocks
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)




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