Mod: Ores Plus

07 Mar 2021

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The Ores Plus mod for Minecraft introduces a large amount of varied ore. Initially, it was a regular assembly with only one ore - ruby, but after going through updates, it has become much larger. Explore the whole world to find the materials you need.

Custom pickaxes
Obtaining a pickaxe
Framed tools and weapons
Player in pink armor
Crafting Alexandrite Ingot
Crafting an Alexandrite Chestpiece
Shard of desiccation
Swords and Shard of Desiccation
Crafting swords from a shard of desiccation
Block player with frame and ingot
Steel ingot and bib
Pink gold
Pink gold
Rose gold items
Pyrite Armor
Pyrite Armor
Pyrite armor craft
Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor
Ruby armor craft
Emerald Armor
Emerald Armor
Emerald armor craft
Elemental armor
Elemental armor
Elemental armor craft
Items in the player's inventory
Rose quartz
Rose quartz
Decorative blocks
Decorative blocks
New types of ore
  • Rose Quartz: Level 0-64
  • Copper ore: 0-54 level
  • Silver ore: level 0-54
  • Ruby Ore: Level 0-32
  • Tungsten Ore: Level 0-13
  • White Diamond Ore: Level 0-13
New types of ore
New Blocks
New Blocks
Various blocks
Download Ores Plus mod (.mcaddon)

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Download textures for the Ores Plus mod (.mcpack)

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