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09 Mar 2021

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As always, the addition with the word "SCP" will provide you with a wonderful time in Minecraft, full of horror and fear. Apart from that, the SCP: Collaboration Lite mod adds PvP, PvE, building, role-playing games and much more that you can imagine. Custom bosses, mobs, cool mechanics, modern technology, and even firearms - this add-on has literally everything.

The expansion includes the main SCP themes: Object Blocks, SCPs, Scientists, D-Class Personnel, Chaos Members, Serpent's Hand, Crimson King, and more.

Crafting recipes - link.

To get the rest of the add-on items, you need to look for supply boxes that contain the necessary materials.

Supply boxes are the main thing you need to get weapons, protect yourself and open your own laboratory with monsters.
Supply crates in structure
Items in the box
Some buildings have really powerful weapons.
Player in a rare structure
SCPs can drop useful items. Spawned dungeons are also available: you can turn them into SCP mob farms if they don't kill you first.
The user is standing on a tower of blocks
3 large blocks
SCP laboratory screenshots
Nice view of the blocky world
Search the Scarlet Ruins for valuable blocks. They are needed to spawn the Crimson King and get armor.
Scarlet Ruins
You can use the telescopic sight to fight monsters or when hunting.
The user looks through the optical sight
Scarlet Armor Set
  • Knockback Immunity
  • Gives strength, speed and resistance to fire
  • Endless durability
Scarlet Armor Set
Other functions
Player on office chair
User uses tools
Pipe Rotator Application
Pipe Rotator Application
Building a boss battle arena
Building a boss battle arena
Fighting the Scarlet King
Fighting the Scarlet King
Battle with the Scarlet King
Interiors from add-on blocks
Indoor railway
Items in the creative inventory
Items in the creative inventory
Things in Creatine Mode
Items in creatine mode
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
Download SCP mod: Collaboration Lite (.mcaddon)

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