Mod: Wolf Armor & Storage

15 Mar 2021

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Wolves are the best companions and helpers in the world of Minecraft, but they have an extremely weak survival rate. Moreover, they cannot carry things, so they will not be able to help much when traveling. To fix both problems at once, you can apply the Wolf Armor & Storage mod. Now mobs will not only live longer, but also transport a lot of player's things at a time.

The assembly was originally created for Java mode, and then was moved to the pocket one, so enjoy the add-on in your smartphone.

How it works?
Initially, you need to tame the wolf, while it does not have to be a puppy.

Press the sneak button and aim at the wolf, after which the button will appear. After that, you can open the inventory.
Interacting with a tamed wolf
To get the dog to sit, you need to sneak and press a button, after which the wolf will sit down and get up.
Sit order for a tamed wolf
At a distance of three blocks above the wolves, their health and the amount of armor will always be shown.
Wolves with stripes over their heads
Obtaining armor
Items can be obtained in rare structures or crafted. Repair and enchanting are also available.
Getting armor in a cave
Wolf Armor Repair
Enchant wolf armor
Wolf Leather Armor
  • Similar to regular leather armor
  • Can be painted
  • If you call the mob juan, it will change color every second.
  • If the wolf is left in the rain, then after 14 seconds the color will disappear
  • Note that the color remains on the wolf, not on the armor
  • To paint, you need to press the paint button and use a dye
  • To clean, you need to press the button and use a bucket of water
Wolf Leather Armor
Wolf Armor Painting
Various types of leather armor for wolves
Wolves in different armor
Golden armor of the wolf
  • Similar to regular gold armor
Wolves in golden armor
Golden armor of the wolf
Wolf Mail Armor
  • Same as regular mail armor
Wolf Mail Armor
Chain Wolves
Iron wolf armor
  • Similar to regular iron armor
    Wolves in iron armor
    Iron wolf armor
    Diamond armor of the wolf
    • Similar to regular diamond armor
    Diamond Armored Wolves
    Diamond Armor of the Wolf
    Netherite wolf armor
    • Similar to regular netherite armor
    • Does not burn in lava
    Netherite Wolves
    Netherite wolf armor
    Lava armor
    If you put a chest on a dog, then you can carry up to 14 things at once.
    Dog inventory
    All items are available in the creative inventory.
    Expansion items in the creative inventory
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