Mod: Real Furniture

17 mar 2021


Tired of decorating your homes with blocks that are repeated from one add-on to another? Then try a new approach to interior design offered by the Real Furniture mod. The assembly contains many types of wallpapers and posters, so that each user can arrange rooms in MCPE in their own way. You no longer need to use banners to create posters - just select the desired picture and place it on the wall.

The add-on will work in both survival and creative modes. To obtain, use the /furn: command, and in survival mode, use the craft, which is presented below.

New items
Red wallpaper
Black wallpaper
Light blue wallpaper
White wallpaper
Gray wallpaper
Pink wallpaper
Night sky wallpaper
Marvel Wallpaper
DC wallpaper
The Matrix Poster
Back to the future poster
Jurassic Park Poster
Ronaldo poster
White tiles
Crafting recipes
Craft red wallpaper
Craft black wallpaper
Craft light blue wallpaper
Craft white wallpaper
Craft gray wallpaper
Craft pink wallpaper
Night sky wallpaper craft
Crafting Marvel Wallpaper
DC wallpaper craft
Craft poster "Matrix"
Craft poster "Back to the Future"
Craft poster "Jurassic Park"
Craft poster "Ronaldo"
White tile crafting
Download mod Real Furniture (.mcpack)

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Download textures for the Real Furniture mod (.mcpack)

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