Mod: Backpacks & Toolbelts

21 mar 2021


Tired of going home every time to empty your inventory? Then there is the solution in the form of the Backpacks & Toolbelts mod. The assembly includes a couple of items that will make it easier to carry items, materials and food while traveling. You will free up many slots and comfortably move around the blocky world of Minecraft PE.

Add-on settings
Add-on settings
Sewing table
A new type of workbench used for crafting bags and belts. On a regular workbench, custom items cannot be crafted, so such a block is used.
Sewing table
The item contains 27 items - like a standard chest. Created in the sewing table and located in the chest slot. Look down and interact to open the bag. Many colors available.
Big bags
There are already 54 slots available here. To open the first part, just interact with the bag. To open the second part, you need to look up and interact. Various colors are also available. Crafting is done in the sewing table.
Crafting big bags
Below is an example of using large bags.
Using large bags
Tool belts
The strap can store up to 5 items. Worn in the Leggings Slot. The interaction is similar to the bags.
Tool belts
Bags no longer explode from TNT.
Player is undermined on TNT
Backpacks have become smaller and more affordable, so the construction of any structures will be much easier.
The player builds a turret
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