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04 Apr 2021

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Welcome to a world full of different dinosaurs that will appear after installing the Prehistoric Rift mod. The add-on includes a huge number of new creatures. Each new mob is worked out as much as possible: the author paid great attention not only to the model, but also to the behavior. In addition, screenshots will make it easy to find out the necessary information about the mob - the developer presented them in the most convenient format.

Indominus Rex
The most powerful creature. Any attack by the monster results in instant death. Destroys any blocks, and the player cannot harm him.
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex in the game
Indominus Rex with other dinosaurs

All new things are used either for taming animals or for breeding them. Each item works for a specific mob, so make sure you pick the right one.

Berry treat
Berry treat
Herbal treat
All types of grass work.
Herbal treat
Leaf treat
All types of leaves work.
Leaf treat
Root treat
You can use potatoes or beets.
Root treat
Meat treat
Any kind of meat other than chicken.
Meat treat
Fish treat
You can use salmon.
Fish treat
A spear
The item is used to use the special abilities of the mob. Use it when you are on the dinosaur.
A spear
Harvest stick
Allows the mob to collect items. Different creatures can collect different things with different efficiency.
Harvest stick
Command console
Applies to activate cannons, if any on the dinosaur.
Command console

  • Spawn: Plains or Mountains
  • Neutral most of the time
  • From time to time attacks everything that it considers food
  • To tame, you need to find a Tyrannosaurus rex child and give him a meat treat
  • Ability: Emits a roar, knocking back mobs and breaking all blocks, no stronger than wood
Description of tyrannosaurus in the book
A huge tyrannosaurus in the world of Minecraft
Tyrannosaurus roars loudly in the field
Two tyrannosaurs near the hills
  • Spawn: Plains
  • Neutral
  • Able to kill most mobs with one hit
  • Taming: Berry Feast, Herbal Feast, Root Feast
Book description of the stegosaurus
Two different colors of stegosaurs
Green and orange stegosaurus in the plain
Stegosaurs hid in the forest between trees
  • The stupid chicken that doesn't lay eggs at all
  • You can put them in a pen and breed them with a berry treat.
  • Cooked Dodo Meat gives the player an absorption effect
Description of the Dodo bird
Many birds in the Dodo pen
The player lit a bonfire next to the Dodo bird pen
  • Friendly version of the stegosaurus
  • Don't make them angry because they are fast and strong.
  • Taming: Berry Feast, Herbal Feast, Root Feast
  • Ability: Begins to get angry. In this state, he is able to pass through blocks, no stronger than wood, breaking them.
Book description of Triceratops in Minecraft
A huge triceratops runs across the plain
Two Triceratops of different colors on the plain near the forest
Clash of several Triceratops in the plain
  • Spawn: Forests
  • Live and hunt in small groups
  • The leader of the group can endow the rest of the mobs with speed and increased strength
  • If you give them a meat treat, they will start to trust you.
  • To tame, you need to find a child and give him a meat treat
  • Ability: can jump higher than horses. Able to jump on creatures. You can use the leader's improvements on yourself
Book description of the characteristics and appearance of Utaraptor
Two Utaraptors in the Plain
Utaraptors stand in a paddock on the plain
Several Utaraptors near the village
  • Spawn: Plains
  • They live in small families
  • Strongest herbivores
  • Can crush any mob
  • Breaking blocks softer than stone
  • Children next to adults are not tamed, so you have to kill the dinosaur to get the spawn egg
  • Once tamed, you can set up a special platform to control them
  • Use the command console to control the cannons
Three Apatosaurus next to the trees
Large apatosaurus eating leaves
Battle of giant dinosaurs
Apatosaurus platform
Apatosaurus Cannon
Apatosaurus Riding Player
  • Spawn: Plains and Savannahs
  • Live in small groups
  • Passive
  • Attack any offender with the whole group
  • Tamed mobs have two abilities that are toggled with the flash key. The first one makes almost any mob in the game run in fear, and the second one makes the nearest mobs attack you (even passive animals). This feature may not work with creatures from other add-ons.
  • You can give out a harvest stick for them to extract vegetables and truffles from the ground
Parasaurolophus fight each other
Parasaurolophus nibbling grass
  • Spawn: Deserts or swamps
  • Neutral predator
  • Skin color changes depending on the biome the dinosaur is in
  • Hot biomes - deserts, mesas, or Nether - make the mob blue. The mob will convert any liquid into a solid
  • Cold biomes work in the opposite way: the mob gains immunity to fire and sets everything on fire
  • When changing a biome, a mob can remain in its previous form for up to 90 seconds
  • You can change the mode of the creature yourself, using special stimulants
  • Taming is similar to the Utaraptor
Dimetrodon in the swamp biome
Blue Dimetrodon in the cold biome
Red dimetrodon in warm biome
Fire particles from dimetrodon
Two dimetrodons fight each other
Flame stimulator
  • Makes Dimetrodon fiery for 8 minutes
  • Craft: Fire Powder, Cooked Exotic Meat, Truffle and Bowl
Flame stimulator
Cold stimulant
  • Makes dimetrodon cold for 8 minutes
  • Craft: Snowball, Cooked Exotic Meat, Truffle and Bowl
Cold stimulant
Neutral stimulant
  • Makes dimetrodon neutral
  • Craft: 2 truffles, cooked exotic meat and a bowl
Neutral stimulant
Dinosaur eggs
  • Eggs can be obtained by breeding or killing 3rd level mobs. You can pick them up by sneaking up and right-clicking (press and hold the screen on mobile devices)
  • To hatch, eggs must be kept at a specific temperature:
    • Tyrannosaurus - Warm
    • Stegosaurus - Warm
    • Dodo - neutral, warm
    • Triceratops - warm
    • Utaraptor - cold
    • Apatosaurus - warm
    • Parasaurolophus - neutral, cold
    • Dimetrodon - neutral

Warm biomes: deserts, mesas and the Lower World. Cold: All biomes with snow, except for extreme hills. Neutral - everything else.
Huge dinosaur eggs on earth
Hatching a dinosaur from an egg
  • Use dimetrodon to speed up hatching
Hatching a dinosaur from an egg
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