06 Apr 2021

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Are you bored with classic shields? Then the SPARTAN SHIELDS mod is designed especially for you. The assembly includes six types of new shields, which are almost the same as the standard ones. Some of them have special abilities that will help the player survive in the harsh conditions of Minecraft.

Initially, the assembly was developed for Java, and then it was ported to the pocket version.
Getting Shields in Creative
Getting shields in creative mode
Shields work the same way as normal shields. You will not take damage from the attacker and become immune to explosions. If the attacker is behind the player, then damage can be received. The shield will even protect against damage that the user receives from negative effects, for example, from spider poison, cadaver hunger or enchanted arrows. Also, the player will be immune to knockback.
Player with two shields
Another feature is that the shields can break at any time. The probability of destruction is the higher, the worse the material from which the weapon is made. In the case of a diamond or netherite, the probability of destruction is practically zero.

Also, only one shield can be charged, which is in the main hand, even if you are wearing two shields at the same time.
Racks with shields
Racks with different frames
All types of shields can be enchanted, except for wooden ones. At the same time, enchanted can only be worn in the main hand.
Enchant shields
Enchant Shields Menu
Each gear has its own repair cost. A wooden shield is repaired with planks, a stone shield - with cobblestones, gold and iron - with appropriate ingots or nuggets, diamond - with diamonds, obsidian - with obsidians and netherite - with netherite ingots.

Wooden shield
  • Very bad
  • Used to craft other items
Wooden shield
Stone shield
  • The probability of destruction is extremely high
Stone shield
Golden shield
  • The probability of destruction is high
  • Piglins don't attack
  • Crafted from boards and gold bars
  • Can be used as a totem of immortality: if you are low on health, then use the shield to heal completely. Naturally, the shield will disappear in this case.
  • For the ability to work, you need less than 4 units of health and more than 4 units of experience
Golden shield
Application of the golden shield
Player in an empty field
Piglin player
Iron shield
  • Medium probability of destruction, higher than that of a regular shield
Iron shield
Diamond shield
  • The probability of destruction is low
Diamond shield
Obsidian Shield
  • The probability of destruction is extremely low: lower than that of a diamond
  • Try using a crossbow and see a special effect
Obsidian Shield
Netherite Shield
  • Extremely low probability of destruction: lower than obsidian
  • Knock Back, Fire and Lava Immunities
Netherite Shield
Netherite shield craft
Netherite Shield Player
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