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07 Apr 2021

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The Back to Basics mod will help you get various items from ordinary blocks in Minecraft. The assembly is oriented for use in various skyblock maps, where it is necessary to extract useful materials from simple blocks. For example, you can get ore and even seeds from a regular block of mud. The method is balanced so that players try hard to obtain resources.

Sieve frame
The base item is crafted first.
Sieve frame craft
Then the mesh is placed inside the frame.
Different types of meshes
Installing the mesh on a sieve
Installing the block on a sieve
Each level of sieve or material produces different materials.
Sieve materials
Variants from Downworld blocks are also available, where blocks are inserted, starting with gold.
Sieve crafting from Nether materials
Installation of a mesh on a sieve of the Lower World
Shattered Hellstone
Downworld sieve application
Hellstone Items
You can get water from four leaves or mud from four seedlings.
Extraction of water in a barrel
Lava barrel
Creates lava from 2 cobblestones.
Lava barrel crafting
Pestle and mortar
Crafting mortars
Pestle crafting
Dyes from flowers
Dyes from flowers
Getting a dye from flowers
Place the flowers in a mortar and crush them. In this case, the player will receive hunger for 2 seconds, since this is a difficult task.
Getting a dye in a mortar
Dyes in a mortar
Get the dyes!
Falling out of the dye from the mortar
Different shades of dyes in a mortar
Bread and biscuits are also changed.
Biscuits and bread
First you need to get flour and cocoa powder.
Materials for biscuits and bread
Place the dough in the oven to make bread.
Getting the bread dough
Likewise, you need a dough for cookies.
Getting the cookie dough
Hand crusher
Here you can crush cobblestone, stone or hell stone.
Hand crusher
Using a hand crusher
Used to extract rotten flesh from leather and dry algae.
Craft dryers
Drying items
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)



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