08 Apr 2021

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If you love exploring different biomes in Minecraft Bedrock, fighting new monsters and visiting unknown structures, then the ZALCYAN'S QUEST mod will definitely appeal to you. With this addition, three new biomes will appear in the game. In each of them you can find new structures, mobs, bosses, blocks and much more. Will you become Lord of Lorlands, master of the Mile, or will you take over the tower at Gulumar? It's up to you to decide.

Giant, poisonous mushrooms can be found here that glow in the dark. It is the home of Aqua, an ancient group of aliens who changed the planet's landscape. Mobs shoot mysterious orbs that explode on contact.
Gulumar mobs
A mysterious tower is generated here, at the very top of which a chest is available. After breaking it, you can summon the boss.
Mysterious tower in Gulumar
Boss spawn
The boss fight will be a challenge: the battle is divided into two stages. In the second stage, the mob gains immunity to projectiles. Also, the monster has the ability to set mobs against each other: for example, iron golems can begin to kill villagers.

On death, with a small chance, an amazing sword will drop.
Boss fight
A volcanic wasteland inhabited by giant eight-legged creatures. During the day they are passive, but at night they will impose blindness.
Eight legged monster
You can ride them.
Eight-legged Monster Player
User on an eight-legged monster
Mine dazzling stones to get jewelry. Be careful, there are often unpleasant surprises.
Dazzling stones
With the help of jewelry, you can bargain with other mobs. For example, with the Lorlander. Mobs often spawn in this biome. They will attack all Aqua if they see it. They are neutral to the player, so you shouldn't bother them. Lorlander always follow the player who carries a marvelous sword.
Lorlander with a marvelous sword
Trade with Lorlander
Cute mobs live here - Miles.
There are two options for their spawning: creatures in red form will be passive and drink an invisibility potion when the player approaches. It is then advised to hold onto the diamonds so that they do not disappear. These spawn in towers.

Option 2: Miles Wars. They wear brown clothes. They also don't attack without provocation. Drink a potion of invisibility before attacking.

You can collect a lot of Miles to attack Aqua.
Miles - small mobs
Leahs are desert mobs, giant moths that rarely appear in desert biomes, and will be ridden by a water rider.
Leah - mobs of the desert
Try to find the easter eggs yourself.

Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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