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13 Apr 2021

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And again we return to the theme of the cave mode, but this time with the The Pinnacle Expansion mod for Minecraft, which includes much more elements than just mobs. The build focuses not only on incorporating monsters and creatures, but will try to give a new look to most of the things around it. For example, mountains will get a new generation function. This and much more awaits you in this add-on.
Items and mobs add-ons

The addon adds 5 new mobs.

Summoner of Winds
  • Dweller using the power of the wind
  • Attack: At long range, uses his staff and lifts targets into the air, causing them to take fall damage. Knocks back enemies in close combat
  • Behavior: hovers through the air instead of walking. This makes him a little faster than the rest. Drops the book of winds
  • Health: 24 units
Summoner of Winds
  • Three types are available: regular, with red and black armor
  • Attack: Attacks with a pickaxe with 8 points of damage
  • Behavior: Similar to a champion. Spawns in climber patrols or bastion. Drops a pickaxe or horn of the winds
  • Health: 24 units. Armor - 30 units
Climber - first view
Climber - second type
Climber - third type
Bastion Captain
  • Climber with flag
  • Behavior: stronger than normal mobs. Murder is a bad sign. Spawns in Climber Patrols or Bastion
Bastion Captain
Wool cow
  • First cave mode mob
  • Behavior: only spawns in mountains or snowy tundra. Behavior similar to normal cows. You can cut and get wool. Drops leather, beef and wool
  • Health: 24 units
Wool cow
A woolen cow shakes to grow her fur.
Woolen cow in the snow
Squall golem
  • Golem of Stone, Gold and Blue Mineral
  • Attack: attacks on the area in a radius of 6 blocks and deals damage in 2 hearts
  • Behavior: spawns on the ruins of the sanctuary and the domain of the mistral golem. Activated if there is a resonant crystal nearby. Can also be awakened by a mistral golem. Drops gold and stone bricks
  • Health: 100 units
Squall golem
Mistral Golem
  • Similar to a squall golem, but floats in the air
  • Attack: can summon lightning at the player. You can know about lightning in advance if you notice a blue circle around the target. When approached, attacks in the area, dealing damage of 5 hearts
  • Behavior: Spawns in the domain of the mistral golem. Always deactivated. When pressed, it is activated. After activation, particles will appear and the propeller will spin. Drops gold bars and a storm knife
Mistral Golem
Storm knife
  • Differs from its cave mode counterpart
  • Damage: 6
  • Can summon lightning
  • If activated without mobs, then the lightning will hit the player
  • Drop: Mistral Golem
Storm knife
Book of wind
  • Sends enemies into the air
  • Drop: Shrine Ruins Treasures or Windcaller
Book of wind
Climber picks
  • Common pickaxe: 1 damage
  • Improved Pickaxe: 3 Damage
  • Diamond Pickaxe: 4 Damage
  • In fact, it is an ax
  • Drop: climbers, shrines and bastions
Climber's Pickaxe
Improved Climber's Pickaxe
Climber's Diamond Pickaxe
Horn of the wind
  • Knocks back all enemies nearby
  • Will be crafted in the future
  • Drop: shrine or bastion
Horn of the wind
Using the horn of the wind.
Using the horn of the wind
The mountains
  • Generation completely changed
  • Added blocks from cave mode
Cave Mode Blocks in the Mountains
Improved mountain view
Treasure Sanctuary Ruins
  • A rare structure that appears in the mountains
  • Two types: one with a puzzle, and the other with two different chests
  • One chest contains useful items, and the second - not very
  • Be careful and watch out for the golems
Treasure Sanctuary Ruins
Treasures in the ruins
Mistral Golem's Domain
  • Extremely rare golem structure
Mistral Golem's Domain
Windy tree
  • Plain tree with spruce wood
Windy tree
All add-on blocks
All add-on blocks
  • Mountain Grass: When pressed with black andesite, the block will turn into grass with stone. To change the block back, you need to click on it with a wooden shovel
  • Mountain cliffs: can create pillar or mountain bricks
  • Windy Wood: Can be used to craft Spruce Wood
  • Black Andesite: Converts to smooth black andesite when melted. You can create bricks
  • Black Andesite Bricks can be used to craft Black Andesite with Creeper Textures
  • Gold Block: In a stonecutter, you can get either a carved gold block, a carved gold block with creeper textures, or a gold block with a carved pattern
Black carved andesite with creeper textures
Woolen cows roam the biome
Add-on settings
Add-on settings
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