Mod: New Illager and Villager Mobs

13 Apr 2021

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Ever wanted more mobs for villagers and robbers? Then the mod New Illager and Villager Mobs will help to make the venture come true. The assembly includes many new things, from weapons to new characters in Minecraft. The gameplay will become much more difficult as raids become more dangerous, but the player will receive new weapons and armor to deal with enemies. The build will be updated, so don't miss out on new features.

  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 3
  • Drop: no
  • Ability: Shoots fireballs at enemies and uses an invisibility potion
  • Spawn: desert
  • You can bargain and get valuable items
  • Attacks monsters and robbers
    Pyrotechnic trade
    Iron monocle
    • Purchased for 8 units of chains
    • Worn on the head
      Iron Monocle Player
      • Purchased from pyrotechnics
      • Explodes enemies
      • Can be thrown
      • Not consumed, but has a recharge
      • Spawns in rare structures
        Using dynamite against monsters
        Dynamites in rare structures
        Garbage man
        • Health: 20 units
        • Drop: no
        • Spawn: plains and forests
        • You can bargain and get items dropped from mobs (bones, spider eyes, etc.)
          Garbage man
          Scavenger trade
          Scavenger Boots
          • Purchased for 25 Emeralds
          • Gives speed and protection
            Scavenger Boots
            Little destroyer
            • Health: 30 units
            • Damage: 4
            • Drop: no
            • Spawn: in the same place as regular animals
            • Cute but dangerous
            • Weak but fast (faster than regular destroyers)
            • Attacks villagers and players
            • Fears large mobs like iron golems
              Little destroyer
              Many little destroyers
              Ice Rogue
              • Health: 42 units
              • Damage: 12 units from ice block
              • Drop: 2-4 blue ice, 9-16 snow balls, 3-6 emeralds and an ice stick
              • Ability: Throws ice blocks, slowing enemies, fall immunity
              • Spawn: Mountains and Snow Biomes
              • Attacks villagers and players
                Ice Rogue
                Ice Rogue attacks a villager
                Ice stick
                • Drops when Ice Rogue dies
                • Spawns an ice block that is sent to the nearest enemy (similar to the ability of an ice rogue)
                • Not consumed, but has a recharge
                • May appear in the igloo
                  Ice stick
                  Destroyer boss
                  • Health: 450 units
                  • Damage: 28 units from attack and 14 from roar
                  • Drop: 2 Destroyer Horns
                  • Ability: breaks most types of blocks, spawns destroyers and small destroyers, immunity to fire, drowning, falling and knockback
                  • Spawn: Occasionally in animal spawn locations
                  • If you block an attack, then with a 10% chance the mob is paralyzed
                  • Eerie glowing eyes
                    Destroyer boss
                    Destroyer boss in the dark
                    Destroyer boss fights villagers
                    Destroyer boss breaks blocks
                    Sharp sword
                    • Damage: 10
                    • Low strength
                    • Can be repaired with Destroyer Horns
                      Sharp sword
                      Horned Helmet
                      • Defense and Knockback Immunity
                      • Can be repaired with Destroyer Horns
                        Horned Helmet
                        Player in a helmet with horns
                        Enchant the sharp sword
                        Enchanting Helmet with Horns
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this is might be insane.