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17 Apr 2021

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The Space Craft mod includes a small number of new structures and new decorative blocks. In the future, there will be much more of them, as well as new dimensions and objects. In the meantime, we enjoy the fact that planets, asteroids and meteors will begin to appear in Minecraft, which will fall in survival mode.

The assembly includes many types of new blocks. Some of them are ores, and the rest are decoration.

New asteroid blocks are used for decorations. To obtain such blocks, you need to find a meteor crater.
Meteor crater
The game will generate three types of falling meteors.

Meteor with diamonds
Meteor crater with diamonds
Meteor with gold
Meteor crater with gold
Normal meteor
Normal meteor crater
All other blocks are decorations. To obtain them, use the command /give @p spacecraft:[name of the desired block], since they are not yet available in survival mode.

Blocks of Mars
There are two Mars blocks available - dust and block.
Representation of two blocks of Mars - dust and block
Moon Blocks
There are two Moon blocks available - dust and block.
Representation of two blocks of the moon - dust and block
Used for decoration only. In the future, there will be custom dimensions where the player can travel on a rocket. Then the mechanism will be the most important element of the supplement. While the player can sit in the rocket, and the structure itself can only be placed on the launch pad. Use the sneak button to get out.
Rocket on the launch pad
Launch pad
As you can see in the screenshot above, the rocket is on some kind of platform. This element is called a pad.
Rocket launch pad
NASA workbench
Used to craft rocket parts. To get the workbench, you will need one more item - an improved anvil. Below is the craft item.
NASA workbench
NASA Workbench Crafting Recipe
Improved Anvil
Another crafting table where you can get Steel, Steel Plates, and a NASA Workbench. Below is the recipe for crafting.
Improved Anvil
Recipe for crafting an improved anvil
Required when crafting. So far, it is intended only for obtaining an improved anvil.
Hammer crafting recipe
Molten iron
The main add-on material used in crafting rocket parts.
Molten iron - crafting recipe
Molten steel
Similar to iron, it is required when crafting add-on items.
Molten Steel - Getting
Steel ingot
After obtaining molten steel, you can create a steel ingot. There are many uses for this material - almost all add-on items are crafted from it.
Steel Ingot Crafting Recipe
Steel plate
A piece of a rocket that is crafted from steel ingots.
Steel plate crafting recipe
Rocket engine
One of the elements of the rocket, for which you need five steel plates, redstone and fire powder.
Rocket Engine Crafting Recipe
Rocket top
Another element of the rocket, which requires four steel plates to create.
Rocket Top Crafting Recipe
Rocket fuel tank
For a rocket to take off from the surface, you need fuel. And for fuel - a tank. Craft an item from four steel plates.
Rocket fuel tank crafting recipe
Rocket creation
Put all the pieces together to create a rocket spawn egg.
Crafting a rocket - recipe
Creation of the launch pad
Crafting a Launch Pad - Recipe
Experimental gameplay must be enabled in the map settings
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dogee 16 October 2022 01:18
I don't get how people are having issues with this mod, it works great even on minecraft education edition

I have a load of other big mods installed and it only took 3 mins

when do I get to space

if only I could modify the mod

you can't modify the mod without converting it to zip and unzipping it and I don't want to have to rezip it after that, so I'll just use this mod for aesthetic
ronan-alexander 28 January 2022 03:55
ive literally just finnished dinner still nothing happened😡
Cup 27 December 2021 20:21
How long is it supposed to take?
Been waiting 10 mins and am reaching 13k blocks now
damien davis 27 October 2021 19:46
Quote: Bob
How long does it take?

30 seconds
Bob 7 June 2021 23:29
How long does it take?