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27 Apr 2021

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If you are looking for unusual plants for Minecraft Bedrock, which not only look, but also grow in an unusual way, then apply the Juan's Plants mod. This supplement contains exactly what you want: the plants need to be grown using special methods and always be monitored for their growth. Become a real gardener or gardener with this build.

Fertile soil
  • Crafted from dirt and bone dust
  • Used to grow unique plants
  • Requires no water and gains immunity from jumping mobs
Fertile soil
Log stakes
  • Used for growing vines and setting ropes
  • Crafted from three pieces of wood
Log stakes
The player holds fertile soil in his hands
  • Used to aid the growth of grapes
Ropes on a peg
  • Requires a peg and fertile soil to grow
  • Can only be planted on the bottom of the peg next to the soil
  • After that, the vine will grow to the height of the peg.

Tomato vine
  • Grows up to 3 blocks in height
  • Break the vine to get tomatoes
Tomato vine
Tomato vine sprouting on a peg
Tomato grows on a peg
  • Grows up to 2 blocks in height
  • Break the vine to get chili
Chili peppers growing on a peg
Experience bush
  • Grows in fertile soil or ordinary
  • New bone dust made from lapis lazuli and ordinary bone dust is used to accelerate growth
  • Can be obtained by destroying a plant, or using a flask, but at least level 5 is required
Experience bush
Sprouted Experience Bush
Wild berries
  • Generated all over the world
  • No application yet
Wild berries
  • The most unusual plant
  • First, create a structure as in the screenshot below so that the grapes begin to sprout.
  • Be sure to place the seeds in the center - otherwise it won't work.
Device for growing grapes
Growing grapes
Incorrect planting of grapes
Incorrect planting of grapes
Growth stages of grapes
  • Three growth stages that can be accelerated with bone dust
Grape growth stage
Second stage of growth of grapes
Third stage of grape growth
Fourth stage of grape growth
Fifth stage of grape growth
Sixth stage of grape growth
Plant for the growth of cross-leaf grapes
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Dippy 18 September 2021 20:49
Ok, I dont know if its just me or the fact that this is still in beta but I'm not able to craft anything and the items and seeds don't show in creative