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28 Apr 2021

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If you do not know about the additional part for Minecraft, which was called Minecraft Story Mode, then you missed a lot. The game is no longer available to users, but with the help of this mod, users will receive new mobs, blocks and other items that are based on the additional part.

A nightmare mob that can blow up a player at night. He knows how to climb walls.
Prison golems
A neutral mob that behaves like a normal golem. Mobs spawn at night. The characteristics of the prison golems are superior to the iron ones.
Prison golems
Prison zombies
Underground mobs that do not burn in the light, unlike classic zombies. Impose a wither.
Prison zombies
Prison slugs
Regular slugs with a different texture that spawn underground.
Prison slugs
Common dogs spawning in villages.
Ice spiders
Creatures spawn in frosty biomes. Able to impose a slowdown. Ice shards and ice cores are dropped.
Ice spiders
Ice Enderman
In addition to being extremely creepy, the mob is also capable of teleporting and blowing up the user. Be extremely careful in cold biomes. Can be charged.
Ice Enderman
Ice golem
An evil creature resembling an iron golem. Shoots with snowballs, and also does not burn in the sun. Spawns in cold biomes.
Ice golem
Ice Golem (Boss)
Similar behavior to ice golems, but at the same time the boss is much stronger and more tenacious: 500 health units. Arrows and explosions do little to no damage to the golem.
Powerful ice golem boss
Ice golem boss without arms and legs
Magma Golem
Slightly stronger than an iron golem. Spawns in Hell. If it touches water, it will transform into a cobblestone golem. You cannot spawn on your own.
Magma Golem
Giant Enderman
The name of the mob speaks for itself. Health is a decent 500 units. Fortunately, the mob cannot hold blocks.
Giant Enderman
Prismarine enemies
To our great luck, mobs will not spawn naturally. The health of mobs is the same as that of golems, but at the same time, prismarine enemies are able to beat with the help of prismarine weapons, which are occasionally dropped.
Prismarine enemies
Giant Ghast
Extremely dangerous, three-headed boss that shoots fireballs. However, fire immunity will not help. In addition, the mob is able to summon comrades-in-arms - ordinary ghasts - for help. Hope you don't cross with him in Downworld.
Giant Ghast
Prismarine Colossus
Animated prismarine statue with 500 health points, knockback immunity and a drop of prismarine blocks.
Prismarine Colossus
Storm Wither
If you give a command block to an ordinary wither, it will turn into something incredibly dangerous. You can get the block by fishing or in rare structures.
A huge and creepy three-headed monster - Storm Wither
After a few minutes, the boss will move to the next stage.
The player gives the wither a command block
Wither transformation process under the influence of the command block
At level 3, the Storm Wither will shoot Wither Skulls, dealing massive damage and setting everything on fire.
Withers Transformation into Storm Dryers in Stage Three
Three-headed Storm Withers emit purple beams from their eyes
The fourth stage of the mob.
Huge Head Gigantic Storm Wither

Prismarine blocks
Can be crafted from Prismarine or Dark Prismarine in the Stone Cutter.
Types of prismarine blocks
Presented patterns of prismarine blocks and semi-blocks
Presented patterns of dark prismarine blocks and semi-blocks
Prismarine runes
All types of prismarine runes in Minecraft
The process of creating prismarine runes in a stonecutter
Completely new types of blocks added by the mod
Polished terracotta
It can be made of unpainted terracotta in a stone cutter.

Other Polished Terracotta Blocks
Made of polished terracotta in a stone cutter.

Generated everywhere. anywhere in the world. Up to four pebbles can be placed in one block. You can quit. Crafted from cobblestone in a workbench.

Dark cobblestone, smooth stone and stone slab
Created with black paint and matching blocks.

Underworld blue bricks
Made of two hellish bricks and two twisted roots. The form of manufacture is similar to the recipe for Red Hellbricks.

Ice tile
Crafted from four blocks of dense ice.
Ice tile
Ice lamp
Craftable from 8 units of ice shards and one ice core.
Ice lamp
Various ice lamps with beautiful patterns
Paper lamp
Craftable from sticks, paper and candles. Can be painted.
Recipe for crafting a paper lamp
Recipe for dyeing a paper lamp
Colored paper lamps
Framed tinted glass
Framed tinted glass
Kraft tinted glass
Framed tinted glass views
Bookshelf craft
Kraft book shelves
Armor Stands, representing new types of Majestic Armor
Introducing new types of armor
Different types of armor in the game
Four types of armor in the game

Experimental gameplay must be enabled in the map settings
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