Mod: Friday Night Funki

30 Apr 2021

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Few people know about Friday Night Funki, which was released last October. The gameplay, like the plot, is fairly simple. Now similar mobs and abilities will appear in Minecraft, thanks to this mod. Some of the mobs use singing to attack, others drop useful items, and the rest can become your friends.

According to the plot, the guy tries to get the girl's attention, but he is hindered by various characters who must be defeated in rap battles.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Just give them the mic to befriend. After that, they will use their singing abilities to protect the players from other enemies. For the treatment of the guy, pizza is used, and for the girl, Dr. Pepper cherry.

  • Normal
    • Health: 28 units
    • Damage: 7
    • Tamed by the microphone
    • Singing Arrow Damage: 9.5
  • Tamed
    • Health: 80 units
    • Damage: 8
    • Treated with pizza or Dr. Pepper
    • Singing Arrow Damage: 9.5
Pizza and Dr. Pepper are dropped from neutral creatures. They can be eaten. The microphone can be used to deal damage.
Boyfriend and Gelfriend
Pizza and cola next to the NPC
Neutral mobs
Spawns randomly all over the world. The user is attacked only when provoked. But if there is a Lemon-demon nearby, then the mobs will join him.
  • Mom and Dad Mirest
  • Peak
  • Skid and Pump
  • Vitti
  • Twisted girlfriend
Mom and Dad Mirest
Peak, Skid and Pump
Each of them attacks other characters with their singing. This uses animation and arrows appear.
Singing attack
Mommy Mirest attack
Some mobs are tamed using the microphone.
Three creepy mobs in a row
Lemon demon
  • Rarely spawns around the world
  • Attacks players, boyfriend and gelfriend
  • Neutral mobs start attacking targets if there is a Demon Lemon nearby
  • Health: 350 units
  • Damage: 28
  • Singing Damage: 21
  • Drop: Netherite Block
Lemon demon
  • Has three phases of battle
  • In the first, the mob is neutral and has 50 health units.
  • The second is aggressive with 100 health points
  • In the third stage, the mob will receive 250 health units, become faster and stronger
  • Gives a lot of experience
Mini Whitty
Can be tamed with a microphone. After taming, health will increase by 200 units and the mob will guard the player.
Mini Whitty
Ballistic Whitty
Ballistic Whitty is a modified version of Whitty. Represents a boss that will give you a lot of experience when you defeat him.

Skins 4D
Now you can get character skins. This will require 8 units of diamonds and 1 totem of immortality. Then the created item is sent to the stone cutter and the necessary skin is mined.
Crafting skins
All kinds of skins
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.220 (beta)

1.16.210 (beta)






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