Mod: Spiral Lucky Block

05 May 2021

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The Spiral Lucky Block mod adds two types of Lucky Block to Minecraft. But the point is not only in the blocks, but in the events that will occur if one of them is broken. The author tried to make every player want to break the block of luck and wait for the result. To do this, the developer just took and added a huge number of options after the destruction of the element: many types of weapons, armor, enemies, structures and much more.

You will have to fight a lot of new bosses, visit different structures and try different items. Lakiblocks include over 200 random events.

Spiral Lucky Block Crafting
Spiral Lucky Block Crafting
Crafting Lucky Block
Crafting Lucky Block
Many unusual creatures
Lots of laciblock items
Arrows, Bow and Laciblock
Items dropped from the laciblock
Pink Hammer Player
Sheep tower
Unusual structures
Player with a huge pink weapon
Creepy monsters
Living fire
Lucky Endermen
Player with a huge ax
Green structures in the desert
Big hole with cacti
Obstacle course
Laciblock Master
All elements of the add-on
What do you need to know?
  • The spiral bow only works if the arrows are in the left hand
  • The spiral sword's abilities are activated by attacking mobs. (A spiral sword of failure was also added - this sword has no special power)
  • Added happy villagers who sell all sorts of items
  • Some weapons give the effect of fatigue to the miner when mining
  • If another addon is installed using the "player.json" file, special elements and weapons will stop working, special mobs will not function and a lot of bad things will happen.
  • Features may not work in beta
  • If you leave a lot of objects on the ground, it will obviously lead to a delay.
  • Use the command /give @s effect99: to get things
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