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08 May 2021

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With the Arkcraft mod, a lot of new things will appear in MCPE, from blocks to mobs. The supplement will add variety and improve the gameplay. Get to know your future neighbors, as well as learn more about the new blocks and items that have appeared in recent updates.


Medium in strength mob. Modest enough mobs that will become a valuable source of food. Animals can be tamed using leaves or vegetables. Parasaurolophus can wear chests and saddles, which can also be dyed. They appear in all locations.
Parasaurolophus from the side
Parasaurolophus in front
Parasaurolophus taming
Parasaurolophus with saddle
Parasaurolophus with a saddle and another mob
You can ride on mobs, but to find them, you need to go to the rivers. Algae or grass are used for taming. Can also be equipped with a chest.
Lambeosaurus taming
Lambeosaurus on the field
Lambeosaurus side view
Lambeosaurus on the grass
Small and friendly creatures. Will become a source of experience or true friends when taming with sweet berries. Spawn on beaches. Try giving the mob some sugar and see the effect.
Laystrosaurus training
Laystrosaurus Jumping
Laystrosaurus attacks a mob
Laystrosaurus stands on the field
Laystrosaurus sitting on the grass
Crafting table
A special type of crafting table will allow you to create all the elements of the add-on.
Crafting workbench add-ons
Various add-on items
Types of armor
  • Skin armor
  • Cloth of love
Skin armor
Cloth of love
Used to attack or control the creature's mode: turning aggressive mode on or off.
  • Wooden Whip: Crafted on a regular workbench or in hand, it deals 2 damage.
  • Iron Whip: Crafted at the forge, deals 4 damage.
  • Diamond Whip: Crafted at the forge, deals 5 damage.
  • Netherite Whip: Crafted at the forge, deals 7 damage.
Types of whips
Tameable creatures that inhabit the coastline and plains. Tamed with sweet berries. Few lives, but they can lay eggs. In addition, you can supply a chest.
The name of the mob sounds scary, but behind this strange name is a cute, wonderful chick with an elongated neck. The mob will be extremely useful for the player: the animal will help in obtaining experience and oil. Spawn on icy beaches. To tame you need to throw the fish on the ground.
Tiny and weak animals that will attack the player in a huge flock. The damage is small - only half a heart, but, as they say, they take in quantity. Meat is used for taming, but be careful: mobs are unlikely to live long. Spawn in all biomes.
Be careful: Pegomastax is a cunning thief who can pick up things without the player noticing. Can steal things from the left hand and various food. They spawn everywhere. Tameable with Sweet Berries and can be supplied with a chest.
Two pegomastax
Pegomastax and a huge dinosaur
The mob is similar to the compi, but much larger and stronger. They hunt only spiders and scorpions. Behavior and spawn are similar to comps. They are able to break trees to get foliage. They spawn everywhere. Tameable with red pieces.
Alvarezsaurus running
Small hunters who like to eat small game. Especially brave ones can attack even players. Mobs spawn everywhere and are tamed with meat.
Archeopteryx on the ground
Archeopteryx in flight
A feathered mob with tremendous strength. Even if the player straddles it, the mob can drop it and kill it. The flight may look buggy, but that's okay. The animal spawns everywhere.
Micro raptor
Dune scorpions
Tiny dune scorpions will inhabit desert locations. The favorite food of animals will be hares and turtle eggs.
Dune scorpions
The next in line are the trilobites. The inhabitants of the deep sea will be a valuable source of useful materials. At death, the animal drops oil. Can be caught in a bucket.
Creatures spawn in swamps. From time to time, mucus will fall out of the mob, as well as snail mucus, which heals wounds. The mob itself is poisonous and quickly destroys plants.
Achatina and other mobs
Achatina and other mobs
Achatina under the foliage
Thorny demon
Slow, peaceful mob, but do not get close, otherwise you will get blood spat in your face. Spawns in deserts
Thorny demon
Water beetle
An unusual insect that fills the desert. If you approach it with a stick, you can get a healing liquid.
Water beetle
Water beetle next to the player
Giant scorpion
The representative of extreme mountains is a giant scorpion. Hope that the mob is asleep, otherwise you will be in trouble: the scorpion will hit with its sting and poison the user with a paralyzing poison. The mob lays eggs, which will be used to obtain materials or to tame mobs. Rotten meat is used for taming. To activate the attack mode, you need to climb on it and use the whip. To climb, you need to use a special saddle.
Giant scorpion
Giant Scorpion Spawn Egg
Scorpion attacks mobs
The player feeds the scorpions
A very cool dinosaur that can fight at a great distance from the enemy. In this he is helped by dangerous spikes that can penetrate any armor. If the player can tame such a wild creature, he will be able to control it at will. A stick is used to select the settings. Use red paste to tame. The mob spawns in the desert of souls. Use the whip to control the creature.
Velonasaurus stands on the lighthouses
Velonasaurus on blocks
Velonasaurus side view
Velonasaurus in the night
View of Velonasaurus
Attack with claws using swoops. Tamed with meat. They spawn everywhere. A whip is used to switch modes.
Velociraptor mode change
Velociraptor on the run
Thorny dragon
A desert animal that inflicts poison upon attack. The player will be able to use the animal as a vehicle both on land and on the water surface. There are 2 places to move. If you give the mob a stick, it will turn into a workbench. If you put a saddle on a mob, then the player will not receive damage. Berries are used for taming.
Thorny dragon
Spiky dragon in the game
Spiky dragon with player
Spiky dragon with inventory
Ovis Sheep
If you are a lover of beautiful carpets and woolen houses, then you cannot pass by Ovis's sheep, which are a real wool factory. True, there are also disadvantages: as soon as the player turns away, he will receive an unforgettable slap in the face from a cute lamb. Two types of sheep will spawn in the game: the first with 3 damage, and the second with five. Horns will become a distinctive feature of the second type. Sheep provide a lot of wool, but are aggressive towards players and villagers. We do not recommend fighting animals at a distance - a blow with acceleration deals huge damage. Keep the sheep in the paddock. Spawn everywhere. They can be painted.
Ovis Sheep
Ovis black sheep
Gray Sheep of Ovis
Two Sheep of Ovis
Ice Deinonychus
Extremely cold birds attacking with snowballs and freezing the entire area they pass through. To breed animals, you need to give a fiery powder to a laid egg. After that, you can tame the mobs using soft, frozen meat. Spawn in cold biomes. You can ride a horse.
Ice Deinonychus
Icy deinonychus in the snow
Ice Deinonychus in flight
Ice Deinonychus prepares to take off
The water is no longer a safe place as creepy, ancient sharks will spawn here. The mob is able to destroy the boat and attack the player. Appear in warm oceans.
Frost demon
Naturally, the mob spawns exclusively in cold biomes. The mob often changes its diet, so it will not be easy for the player to tame it. There are several subtleties when domestication: you need to give the mob exactly the food that he is currently hunting. Saddle can be issued. Demons are divided into four categories:
  • Weak Demon: Much smaller than the others and has no horns. Favorite food - fish
  • Normal demon: more of a weak kind, there are horns. Favorite food - fish and players
  • Tall Demon: Increased damage but reduced durability. Favorite food - arthropods
  • Large Demon: Can be distinguished by its large size and huge jaw. Extremely high damage, and his favorite food is bears.
Frozen demon
Demon player
Frozen Demon Player
Frozen demon in the game
Frozen demon with open mouth
Demon Riding Player
The demon opens his mouth
Fiery Deinonychus
A real Downworlder demon. The mob is able to set fire to everything around and kill any creature with its flame. An extremely powerful mob with four wings that can be befriended with cooked fiery meat. First we give out the fire powder so that the egg will hatch, and then we give the cooked fire meat for taming. Shoots fireballs in attack mode.
Fiery Deinonychus
Deinonychus player
Fiery Deinonychus sets fire to blocks
Fiery deinonychus in front
Fiery deinonychus from above
Burning remains
A neutral animal that most often spawns in flower forests. Big berry lover: if you feed the beast with berries, you can tame it. Able to break blocks, turn into stone and eat sweets.
Dedicurus in the field
Dedicurus in front
Dedicurus player
Dire wolf
The most dangerous beast that will not retreat for a second when fighting a user. Raw lamb is used to tame the mob. You can ride it. The creature spawns in snowy biomes.
Horrible wolf
Dire wolf in front
The creature can be found in the waters of swamp biomes and tamed with cooked fish. Allows you to breathe under water and quickly swim over any water obstacles.
Diplocaulus in the sea
Diplocaulus in water
Diplocaulus Player
A beautiful creature that lives in the vastness of the savannah. It is no longer possible to tame the born mobs, so you should hurry up - we bring the fiery powder to the egg. After that, you need to tame the mob with meat.
Different types of Deinonychus
Deinonychus from the side
Deinonychus in front
Feeding Deinonychus
Resembles a mutated pig. Extremely strong, but just as slow. Pie is used for taming. You can also equip a chest. Spawns in taiga, megataig and snow biomes.
Daeodon sits
Daeodon next to the villager
Daeodon in the field
A flying creature that is found in extreme mountains. Red paste is used for taming. It can be flown if you look up after saddling.
Player on Argentavis
Argentavis sits
Argentavis stands on the ground
Argentavis in flight
Player flies Argentavis
An extremely large dinosaur that loves to play with the players. Be careful - the monster has high damage and health. Chains are used to tame. Can be seated if equipped with a saddle. The mob lives in cold biomes.
Character on Nanukzaur
Controlling the Nanoxaur
Nanoxaurus in the field
Nanoxaurus with saddle
Powerful, green creatures that can be moved around and tamed with red paste. Inhabits all biomes.
Teratophonus from above
A harmless creature, descending in extreme mountains and jungles. Red paste is used for taming. Up to five players can ride the mob at the same time using a special saddle.

A real evil and a real devil who will inhabit the forests of the taiga. The animal is very loud, so we recommend running as far as possible if you hear the sound of this monster. With all this, the mob can be tamed, but small yutirans should be tamed with the help of lamb meat. Spawn in megataig.

They spawn everywhere and have high damage. Of the minuses, they are not tamed.

Peaceful mobs that will attack the player only when a child is near them. Animals spawn in cold biomes, deal a lot of damage and are capable of breaking blocks. Use a cake to tame, and a special mammoth support for saddling. You can even ride three of us.

Quite a powerful boss that lives in snowy biomes and savannahs. Can't be tamed.

An incredibly powerful creature that can heal. Red paste is used for taming, so it is advised to hurry up and stock up on valuable material. Can be found everywhere and saddled.

A swamp mob capable of dealing a lot of damage. At the same time, the monster received a decent amount of health. Poisons the player upon attack. Fish is used for taming, but only children can be tamed, and adults can be ridden.

A large animal does not harm anyone, but its shell is in great demand: its shell is used to make diamond armor. Found in warm oceans.
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