Mod: MH New Ores RB

10 May 2021

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Each of us wants more items in Minecraft, so why not add the MH New Ores RB mod and increase the amount of ore? The assembly not only invites you to get busy with the extraction of materials, but also put on powerful armor and use sharp swords. The add-on includes new items that can be mined even in survival mode. Let's find out what awaits us.

All types of ore received their own armor, weapons and blocks. Also armor and weapons have been added for emerald ore. Crafting recipes do not differ from the original ones.

List of ore
  • Copper: Below Level 90
  • Tin: Below Level 75
  • Silver: Below Level 65
  • Platinum: Below Level 25
  • Sapphire: Below 15th level
  • Ruby: below 13th level
  • Amethyst: below 12th level
  • Pink Diamond: Below Level 20
  • Onyx: Below Level 11
  • Netherite: The Nether
Racks with different ore armor
Blocks from different ores
You can melt copper, tin, silver and platinum.
Obtaining a copper ingot
Obtaining a tin ingot
Obtaining a platinum bar
Obtaining a silver bar
  • Copper: 5 damage
  • Tin: 5 damage
  • Silver: 6 damage
  • Platinum: 8 damage
  • Sapphire: 10 damage
  • Ruby: 12 damage
  • Emerald: 14 damage
  • Amethyst: 16 damage
  • Pink Diamond: 9 damage
  • Onyx: 17 damage
  • Obsidian: 19 damage
  • Armor durability is similar to sword damage: the greater the sword damage, the higher the durability of the corresponding armor
All add-on items
Netherite Ore in the Nether
All types of armor add-ons
Obsidian sword
Obsidian sword
Onyx sword
Onyx sword
Iron stick
Iron stick
Obsidian Bar
Obsidian Bar
Quartz sword and armor
  • Damage: 12
New types of armor and ores
Lapis lazuli bar and sword
  • Damage: 7
Lapis lazuli bar
Many ingots and armor
  • Generation: below level 8
  • Sword damage: 22
Uranium sword
Uranium sword craft
Obsidian stick
Obsidian stick
Download mod MH New Ores RB (.mcaddon)

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.220 (beta)

1.16.210 (beta)





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