Mod: Item Physics

12 May 2021


The Item Physics mod changes the physics of many items in Minecraft. If you want new sensations from survival in a blocky world, then try this add-on. All items for which the new function will work are presented in the screenshot below. In the future, the author will increase their number, which means that you need to constantly monitor updates so as not to miss anything.
Items in inventory
Many different items in the creative inventory
Perhaps in the future, the developer will make the potions float.

In the preview, you can understand what will happen when the add-on is applied.
How to use?
  • Install version beta or 1.16.100
  • Install Behavior and Resources Package
  • Enable experimental mode
  • Select language in settings
  • Click on an item to pick it up, or press the sneak button to collect all items
Add-on settings
Below is the physics of the netherite.
Throwing objects
You need to enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
Download Item Physics mod (.mcaddon)

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Jacky 14 May 2021 10:14
update lastest version release 1.16.2x pls