Mod: Resident Evil

20 May 2021

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If you are a fan of the Resident Evil game, then you will be glad to know that the add-on developers have released a mod for this game specifically for Minecraft. Naturally, the assembly includes a huge number of zombies, but besides this, there will be police officers, special forces, vehicles and much more. Start a massive war against zombies.

Policeman with a pistol: low damage and slow attack speed.
Policeman with glasses
Policeman with Shotgun: Slow shot speed with high damage at close range and low damage at distance.
Policeman with a gun
Policeman with glasses and a gun
Special Forces with Shotgun: Similar to Police Officer, but with increased health.
Special Forces
Rifle SWAT: Very fast attack at long range, but with little damage.
Special forces with weapons
Marines: have high damage, can regenerate, and have a large amount of health.
Marines with weapons
Improved Marine Corps: Similar to the Marine Corps.
Improved marines
Normal Zombies: Slow mobs with little damage.
Common zombies
Machine gun truck: good transport.
Truck with machine gun
Police car: only one passenger seat.
Police car
Police car from behind
Large Truck: Can't drive, but Marines can.
Big truck
Big truck in the back
M4a1: 30 rounds.
M249: 100 rounds.
How do I reload my weapon?
  • You need ammo (to get it, enter the command /give @s gun: m4a1_ammo or /give @s gun: m249_ammo
  • After that, you need to reload the m4a1/m249 weapon using the workbench and ammunition.
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