Mod: End Expansion

23 May 2021

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Another improvement in edge measurement according to the author of the End Expansion mod for Minecraft. With the help of this add-on, you can significantly influence the world of endermen, making it much better. The add-on contains many new biomes, structures, mobs, items and even weapons.

  • 2 new biomes
  • Structure
  • 2 new mobs
  • Custom workbench
  • Powerful weapon

Chorillium forest
A strange, purple place covered in chorillium. Giant Horus mushrooms and Ilmen's vines are constantly growing here. Great biome to find mushroom lights.
Chorillium forest
Chorillium swamps
A mystical location with thick fog, vegetation and magical bodies of water. Distorted chorus mushrooms, distorted Ilmenya vines and the icirlush plant grow here.
Chorillium swamps
Chorillium forests
Forgotten Library
The edge is a rare structure that is generated exclusively in the far corners of the world (over 3000 blocks along the X or Z axis). Home to the ancients with all their treasures.
Forgotten Library
A lonely soul that wanders aimlessly through the world of endermen. Kills any enderman or player by draining the soul.
Smarter ancestors of the endermen, with whom you can make friends and bargain.
Workbench of the Ancients
An unusual block for creating improved items. Obtained only by trading with Elders.
Workbench of the Ancients
Workbench of the Ancients craft
Ancient staff
A powerful staff capable of sucking souls from all enemies. Naturally, the base is the wanderer's skull. Can only be crafted at the workbench of the Ancients.
Ancient staff
Ancient staff in player's hand
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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