ToolBox 5.4.8

19 Aug 2020

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New features and settings in the quick access - is only a small part of what you can offer ToolBox for Minecraft Bedrock. Detailed description for you!

How to install?

  • Download and install BlockLauncher.
  • Download ToolBox, and then install the program.
  • View BlockLauncher, then enable support for add-ons.
  • Now ToolBox works!

Keep an eye on the program version and the game itself, to set all right.

Description of possibilities


Mini-map can be activated in the tab «Render». Playing on the server, it will show the other players.

Icon with a pick

The screen now always displays an icon with a pick. Click to open the menu Toolbox.

These tabs allow you to customize the game.
Toolbox tabs

Description of settings

Here, a description of each setting Toolbox section.



  • «Flying» - flight mode. The survival can fly. When landing from a height is taken away health.
  • «No-clip» - activates the passage through the blocks. If you stop being in the blocks, you can get hit.
  • «High Jump» - high jump. There are 4 levels of settings, editing jump height.
    High Jump

  • «Speed» - accelerates the pace. You can select from 4 speed options.

  • «Auto-Sprint» - the sprint circuit. There is no need to press twice on the key away.
  • «No Bow SlowDown» - instant archery.
  • «Slow Falling» - a slow decline. Falling from a height, the player receives damage.
  • «Blink» - you can create a clone, which will remain in place spawn.

World [Tab to cheat]

  • «Bridge Builder» - sets the units under the player, if he is not on the ground.
  • «Chest Stealer» - with a single click on the chest can be picked up all of its contents.
  • «Nuke» - the destruction of a large area. There are 3 settings size of the territory.

  • «Haste» - rapid destruction blocks. 5 speed settings.

  • «Force Achievements» - the player gets all the achievements in the game.
  • «Rapid Build» - an analogue of World Edit.
  • «Give Item» - gives the desired object in the inventory.
    Give Item

  • «Enchant» - enchantment items.

Render [X-ray + subfunctions]

  • «X-ray» - shows ore through the other blocks. You can also customize the display units.

  • «ChestESP» - displays the trunks through the blocks.
  • «PlayerESP» - players can see through walls.
  • «BlockTracker» - one breaking unit, show the same blocks side by side.
  • «Free-cam» - when you activate the player remains in place, but you can fly to another location.
  • «FullBright» - night vision.
  • «ArmorHud» - opens the panel to wear armor.

  • «HP Bars» - shows how much health mobs and players.
    HP Bars

  • «MiniMaps» - opens the mini-map. You can adjust the size of the map and display the players.

Combat [Cheats for fighting]

  • «Kill-aura» - automatically beat mobs and players.
  • «Anti-knockback» - disables the return by taking damage.
  • «Auto-Bow» - automatic aiming bow.
  • «Teleport to player» - teleport to the selected player.

There are different language versions — the language changes directly in the program itself.

Pay attention! To unlock some of the features to look out for advertising.

Unlock features


Download ToolBox 5.4.8 (.apk) for MCPE 1.16

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Download ToolBox 5.4.2 (.apk)

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