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15 Nov 2020

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Parallax Shaders is a large-scale project, the main goal of which was the development of dynamic and realism-adding shaders. Most Minecraft shaders are blurry or deeply contrasted, which reduces light. This does not threaten the players: new shaders completely solve all problems. The techniques presented in this supplement are close to static ray tracing, thanks to rigorous testing and tremendous development work.


Lighting depends on the weather and time of day.
Beautiful abandoned castles
An incredible structure overgrown with lians
Improved animation of water, colors and transparency.
Transparent water with improved animation
Player in the depths of the underwater world
Improved shadows and lighting.
Overview on the shadows on one of the city streets in the game
Realistic night sky and dark interiors.
Realistic sky with stars
Bright lighting in the room
Shaders have already been tested on devices with Windows 10, Xbox and Android platforms. On iOS, problems have been identified due to device power limitations.

Changes in the new version
  • Changed sun and water
  • Many improvements
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