Shader: Enchanted HSPE

27 Dec 2020

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Like all other shaders, the Enchanted HSPE assembly will try to bring a new look to the familiar design of the beloved Minecraft. Each element of the blocky universe will receive a new texture, and the user's main screen will be transformed with new graphics. Such changes will greatly improve the experience of the game, but they also require serious support in the form of a powerful device on which all this will work. Make sure your device can handle the task. Gorgeous colors, shadows, water and much more await you after installing the assembly.

  • Natural coloration
  • Beautiful sky
  • Unique torches
  • Several add-on options
  • Realistic water
  • Water waves
  • Underwater waves
  • Rustling leaves
  • Bright sun
  • The lights of a sun
  • Atmosphere
Beautiful sunset
Sun on the horizon
Green grass
Mill in the village
Blue river
Green lawn
Lava spring
Village in the night
Village in the rain
Rainy forest
Underwater terrain
Player underwater
Torch light
Cave lighting
The sun is hiding on the horizon
Ore types
Ore blocks
Multiple ore blocks
Lava sea
Lava waterfall
Distorted forest
Downworld Biome
Blue light
Edge Measurement
Selecting add-on settings
The assembly has a function called "option" with which you can change the parameters. You can activate or deactivate some functions.

How do I change this option?
Android: go to shader file> shaders> glsl> lib> open option.h.
Windows 10: go to shader file> shaders> hlsl> lib> open option.fxh
Selecting add-on settings
Changing code parameters
Download Enchanted HSPE shaders (.mcpack)

[106.97 Kb] Downloaded: 12470

Download 2 installation method (.zip)

[106.97 Kb] Downloaded: 1360

Download Enchanted HSPE shaders (for weak devices) (.mcpack)

[107.85 Kb] Downloaded: 2179

Download 2 installation method (.zip)

[107.85 Kb] Downloaded: 744

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Aliyah 23 May 2022 06:10
I love this shader
Ella 1 September 2021 11:08
how do we enable it