Shader: RP

08 feb 2021


The main purpose of RP shaders will be to illuminate the blocky Minecraft universe of Bedrock. The assembly will give a new perspective on lighting. The peculiarity is that the add-on will work even on weak or medium devices. This opens up space for many users who do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive devices.

  • Better lighting
  • Cave lighting (blue tint)
  • Block shadows
  • Sunbeam at sunrise and sunset
  • Torch lighting
  • Rustling leaves
  • Excitement of water
  • Clear water
  • Realistic hell
    River at the edge of the cliff
    Bright yellow savannah
    Bright sunset in the savannah
    Deep blue cave
    Crimson Hell Biome
    Nether Crimson Biome
    Player by the river
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OS: Android

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