Vanilla Animation Pack

03 May 2020

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Add more realism to the world of Minecraft Bedrock with Vanilla Animation Texture Pack. Animals and mobs of the cubic universe will receive updated animations of behavior - this will add detail and realism to the familiar gameplay. Shortly, the author will replenish the number of animations for each mob, so stay tuned.

Wolf animation

Now the dogs will sit as they were in the trailer for the Village and Pillage update.
Wolf animation

Skeleton Animation

Many experienced players have noticed that skeletons do not point an arrow at a player during an attack. Such a trifle is provided in the Java version, and with this assembly, it will work in a PE.
Skeleton Animation

Husk Animation

Husk get an unusual gait.
Husk Animation

Cat animation

Lovely pets will sit just like dogs.
Cat animation

Also, many animations for chickens and other four-legged animals have been added: the gait has become more realistic and better.

The following mobs also received new animations:
  • blaze
  • hoglin-zoglin
  • fox
  • chichen
  • creeper
  • zombie
  • pig
  • cow
  • sheep
  • llama
  • panda
  • polar bear
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