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03 Feb 2021

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Better Menu textures are designed to make the menu of Minecraft look more natural. At the same time, the design will become pleasing to the eye, which is important. This effect is achieved thanks to the night mode, which relieves the strain on the eyes of users. In addition, the developer has included many options for panoramas that will be displayed behind menu items.

Other changes:
  • 12 kinds of backgrounds for the first package
  • 12 kinds of background for the second pack
  • Option without background
  • Custom background
  • Night mode menu
  • Simplified view of the game logo
  • Simplified textures of the main screen with bars of health, hunger, inventory and more

Below are screenshots with wallpaper, which can be downloaded below as an additional file.

Second wallpaper pack
Glowing eyes of an enderman in the forest
Lake in the middle of the desert
Part of the forest next to the river
Open area in the forest
Lava source in the cave
Open space of the cave
Jungle evening
A lonely lamp in the middle of a snowy forest
Lamp in the gazebo
Glowing blocks inside stones
Deaf midnight
Bonfire in the middle of mossy cobblestone
First wallpaper pack
Four lampposts stand on the path
Introducing updated water and plain textures
Dim lighting in the cave
Introducing new Nether lava textures
Biome view with hills of colorful blocks
Huge snow biome with icy trees
Huge desert space with updated textures
Many trees in the forest with new beautiful textures
Trees and lianas in the rain at night
Vines hanging from trees in the swamp biome
Plants under water
Huge cave inside the mountain
Download Better Menu textures (.mcaddon)

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Download 2 installation method (.zip)

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Download panorama wallpaper (.zip)

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Hunter 13 May 2022 05:02
Why did it change the hearts and the hungry bars?

Quote: Hunter
Why did it change the hearts and the hungry bars?