Texture: Truly Vanilla RTX

27 Feb 2021

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We really hope you can afford RTX as we will be talking about ray tracing again. Unfortunately Truly Vanilla RTX textures only work with this feature. The assembly will make the Minecraft world incredibly beautiful, affecting almost every element in the game.

The assembly uses normal maps instead of bump or elevation maps. The difference is that instead of simulating depth on textures, the depth is natural! Normal maps contain more raytracing data that increases space and interacts better with light. The technology is more advanced. All values ​​for the reflectivity or roughness of the blocks have been carefully thought out, the honeycomb has been replaced by a block emitting green light, blocks of redstone and lapis lazuli also emit light. Decorate your worlds with new technologies.

  • Glowing ore
  • Pure water
  • Glowing blocks of lapis lazuli, redstone and green honeycomb
  • Clear glass
  • Spherical mirrors

Glowing ore
Comparison of pure and ordinary water
Hole in the wall
Bright green cube in the corner
Luminous Block in the Edge Dimension
Many glowing blocks
Deep purple pit
Beautiful concrete blocks
Fully transparent glass
Opening in the wall
Lighting in the wall
Spherical mirrors
Spherical mirrors in the snow biome
Unusual interior arrangement
Multicolored glowing blocks
Bright lighting in the middle of the forest
Torch light illuminates mirrored block textures
Purple ceiling
Beautiful walls made of iron blocks
Rainbow outline of blocks
Wood blocks in Downworld biomes
Ice Block Mountain
Light penetrating a wooden room
Huge panorama of the Lower World
Luminous blocks in the underwater space
A glowing stone in the midst of hellish stones
Bright green stone
Small opening in the wall
Different shades of glass
Small glowing element in the corner
Noon inside the ravine
Small village and courtyards
Stonehenge type construction
Large stone pillars
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Two types of textures
Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (.mcpack)

[29.41 Mb] Downloaded: 4074

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (clear glass) (.mcpack)

[151.95 Kb] Downloaded: 1633

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (glow ore) (.mcpack)

[139.5 Kb] Downloaded: 1515

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (glowing redstone, lapis lazuli and green honeycomb) (.mcpack)

[91.67 Kb] Downloaded: 1243

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (pure water) (.mcpack)

[50.6 Kb] Downloaded: 1494

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (luminous glazed terracotta) (.mcpack)

[136.8 Kb] Downloaded: 1067

Download Truly Vanilla RTX textures (glowing terracotta) (.mcpack)

[115.97 Kb] Downloaded: 1143

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)





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