Texture: Doey RTX HD

31 Mar 2021

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Doey RTX HD Textures are exclusively for those with access to the ray tracing feature in Minecraft. The resolution of the new blocks is 256 and 512 pixels. This will help to maximize the detail of the game and improve the graphics of the blocky world. The author tried to give more realism, so that every element of the game becomes truly beautiful and gives life to the entire gameplay.

Examples of changing graphics
Beautiful blue house
Home interior
Equipped home interior
Fireplace in the living room
Reflection from blocks of materials
Iron block in the game
Reflection from blocks of materials
Different colors from blocks
Staircase to the second floor
Outdoor pool in the house
Dark garage with access to the ceiling
Modification and detailing of pictures
Many kinds of paintings
Decorative tiles
Windows made of multicolored glass
Floor made of various materials
Floor textures from different materials
The honeycomb block is replaced with a mirror.
Unusual block textures
Realistic ore
Ore blocks in the cave
Realistic glowing ore
Glowing ore blocks in the cave
Glowing ore
Glowing Ore Blocks
Choosing the type of add-on
Choosing the type of add-on
Glowing Nether Portal
Sunset near savannah
Modern home decoration
Red room interior
Black block in the room
Glowing cube in different colors
Sunset from the balcony
Long corridor
Download Doey RTX HD shaders: here (.mcpack)
Download Doey RTX HD shaders (decorative tiles): here (.mcpack)
Download Doey RTX HD shaders (glowing realistic ore): here (.mcpack)
Download shaders Doey RTX HD (glowing realistic ore): here (.mcpack)
Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)




Category: Texture Packs

OS: Android

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Rating: 5

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e 1 March 2023 19:32
i think i smell my pc burning
jacorie 17 February 2023 05:31
wow this looks cool
James 17 April 2021 20:38
Ok so the RTX is amazing but im gonna give an epilepsy warning the grass block and dirt is hyper realistic but when running or flying its like the black and white haze on an old TV.