Texture: Hunger Points on Food Names

04 May 2021

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There is no correct training system in Minecraft: players have to intuitively understand what needs to be done in this game. Even if it is clear what needs to be done, it is difficult for users to understand the value of an item. Hunger Points on Food Names textures will always let you know which product restores more hunger units or what durability the tool has.

Now the value of the product or the strength of the item will be shown next to the name In the settings, you can choose the time of use or the amount of armor that the item adds.

There are three different modes that can be selected in the add-on settings window.
change settings
Select the items you want to see next to the item name.
Change settings
First mode (far left or Hunger Points Only)
Shows only the value of the product.

  • Cooked Beef: 8 hunger units or 4 whole slices
Cooked Beef
  • Cooked Potatoes: 5 hunger units or 2.5 whole chunks
Cooked Potatoes
  • Cake: 14 hunger units or 7 whole pieces
Second mode (in the middle or Hunger Points + Item Consuming Time)
Shows the value of the product and the time to eat.

  • Cooked cod: 2.5 whole chunks and 1.6 seconds
Cooked cod
  • Peeled Kelp: 0.5 whole chunks and 0.8 seconds
Peeled Kelp
  • Bottle of honey: 3 whole pieces and 0.8 seconds
Bottle of honey
Third mode (far right or Hunger + Armor + Consuming Time + Durability)
Shows the value of the product, eating time, amount of armor and durability. Only the full value is shown in the strength category.

  • Netherite Chestpiece: 4 Armor, Durability - 582
Netherite Chestpiece
  • Netherite Sword: Durability - 2031
Netherite Sword
  • Elitres: strength - 432
  • Spawn Eggs: Mob Health and Neutrality
Spawn Eggs
  • Enchantments: show the tool to which enchantment works
  • Flag patterns: icons next to names
Flag patterns
  • Minecraft Earth icons: if you're bored with the old design
Minecraft Earth Icons
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1.16.220 (beta)

1.16.210 (beta)






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