Minecraft PE [Full]

30 Aug 2020

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A new version of Minecraft has been released for Android. Bug fixes, revision of a widespread release.

Why suddenly 1.14?
But what about 1.16? Before this update, the latest 1.14 was in beta. Mojang moved on to the next versions, but now they decided to refine this one. More than 1.14 versions will not be released, because this is the last one.
Mojang makes fun of players

Corrected mistakes
Fixed 9 bugs. The main ones are:
  • Minecraft no longer freezes while loading
  • Fixed crash when leaving the world
  • Fixed the appearance of a false message that there is not enough space on the phone
  • The market loads again even if the player is not signed in to Xbox Live
  • Purchases are not lost if the player bought them without an Xbox Live account (license only)
  • Fixed symbols that were not displayed in the Book with a quill

The turtle is a little late
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Last Version

  • Xbox Live

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    Free sign-in to your Xbox Live account is available. There are no restrictions.


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Download Minecraft 1.14 (xbox + skins)

Version (Full)

  • Xbox Live

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    Free sign-in to your Xbox Live account is available. No restrictions.

  • Free Skin Editor

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    All paid skin items are now available for free. Try on the item you like, it will be saved on your skin automatically.

  • Market does not work

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    The market does not work, since this version has been hacked into the Skin Editor. We cannot configure the simultaneous operation of the market and the editor.


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reload, if the code cannot be seen
Reygan 23 September 2022 07:47
The Minecraft is not a have a server please fix server
DredFul595 7 March 2022 05:00
It just keeps saying "App Not Installed"
Minecraft is INSTALLED