Mod: World Fabricator

06 Dec 2020

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For a long period of time, large-scale terrain development has been a serious problem for Minecraft PE. After that, add-on developers began to bring in a variety of tools to quickly change a large area in the game. The World Fabricator mod is another add-on option with useful tools.

Brushes will vary in type, size, shape and material. The author tried to create maximum convenience when using the tools: for this, a special chest is used instead of commands.
Brush in shulker box
Main functions
  • Building brush
  • Paint brush - modifies blocks that are already set
  • Texture Brush - Applies a random texture to detail the terrain
  • Masking brush - allows you to paint over only certain blocks
  • Eraser - a tool for removing blocks or shaping terrain
  • 3 brush shapes: cylinder, cube, sphere
  • 4 brush sizes
  • 27 blocks to choose from
Player with a brush in his hands
The player repainted the sand to grass with a brush
Four possible brush sizes
Using the function requires certain skills, so we recommend that you first watch the video on using the add-on. Use the /function setup command to start.
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