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14 Mar 2021

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Attack on Titans is a popular anime and manga that has spawned many fun games, and the gadgets from this franchise are actively used in a variety of ways. For example, the Attack On Titan mod includes mechanisms in Minecraft so that users can quickly maneuver and fight titans, as in the anime itself.

The assembly includes three types of weapons, available even in survival mode. Survival will become much easier with this weapon.

Maneuverable mechanism
A classic adaptation from the manga. You can take off and use your swords to shred your enemies.
Maneuverable mechanism
First you need to activate the gas.
Turning on the gas in the mechanism
Use the sneak button to take off.
Player flies
A long press on the screen will launch hooks that will help you fly for longer.

Anti-personnel equipment
In Attack on Titan, it is the weapon of Uncle Levi Kenny and his teammates. This is a special kind of maneuvering mechanism with two guns.
Anti-personnel equipment
Apply gas first.
Flight on anti-personnel equipment
Long press to fly. You will fly wherever you look.
Using the flight function
The sneak button activates the shotguns. Use ammo to reload.

Thunder spear
An extremely powerful spear that explodes on impact. Can kill a player with a hit.
Thunder spear
Long press to activate the weapon. After being hit, it explodes after 4 seconds.
Thunder spear use
How to craft items?
There are three different workbenches available to craft weapons:
  • Workbench for crafting weapons
  • Ice Energy Furnace
  • Energy workbench
Three types of add-on blocks
Workbench for crafting weapons
Crafting a workbench for weapons
After that, you need to craft other types of workbenches, which will help in obtaining materials for creating weapons and mechanisms.
Trade and receive goods
Trade with villagers
Once you've got everything, it's time to start crafting your equipment.
Crafting equipment
Crafting mechanisms
A long press on the screen will help you put on things.

Then you can get the Thunder Spear through trade.
Receiving goods through trade
Remember that mechanisms will not work without gas: use fuel first before flying.
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KazukeHiro 6 March 2022 10:18
Heyyyyy I
This Isa cool mod for AOT fans
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I do not have the odm gaer where is it and is this for mobile
Lucas 31 October 2021 11:50
Nose pero desde que salió la versión de cuevas y acantilados no puedo lanzar la lanza relámpago para que lo arregle :3
Hugo 17 April 2021 19:49
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I cant use the crafting table
Manny 20 March 2021 07:07
Will you be adding Titans soon?