Minecraft PE [Beta]

04 Sep 2020

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Mojang Studio has released a new beta version of Minecraft PE The update has 61 points of changes. Most of the changes are related to Java Parity.

Vanilla parity
The developers have made 33 changes for Java Parity. We have highlighted the main and made a list:
  • Chains can be moved horizontally
  • In Valleys of Soul Sand, ceilings are now covered with Soul Sand blocks
  • The ceilings of the Basalt deltas are also covered with Basalt
  • Striders with riders can now be tamed
  • When zombified, Piglins drop their inventory
  • Wild Piglins now grant 20 XP instead of 10
  • Lanterns can be placed underwater
  • Piglin in Bedrock will offer the same trade items as Java
  • The fire of souls no longer melts snow and ice
  • Bonfire of Souls deals 2 times more damage than normal
  • Zombie Piglin no longer hangs over Strider while riding
  • Distorted Mushrooms now grow in Crimson Forest
  • Baby Hoglin and Zoglin now have dropped after death
  • Wither Skeletons will automatically attack Wild and Normal Piglins
  • Hoglins will flee from Rebirth Anchors
  • Iron Golems will now attack the Hoglins
  • Zoglins now take healing damage and heal from harm
  • The Speed ​​of Souls enchantment can now be found in chests with Remnants of the Bastion
  • Netherite armour now protects against magma block damage
  • Soul bonfires now drop Soul Soil
  • Strider has as much health as Java
  • Piglins can now equip Shields, Elitras, Shells and Mob Heads
  • Reduced damage from Hoglin Cubs

changes for Java Parity

General fixes
Fixed bugs can be divided into several categories. Let's start with the general changes: 9 fixes. Basic:
  • Loading screen hints and punctuation updated
  • Fixed effects after activating the Totem of Immortality
  • Fixed a crash after killing an Ancient or a regular Guardian
  • Fixed a crash when using fireworks with wing wings

Loading screen

12 gameplay changes were made. The main ones on the list:
  • Mobs can no longer launch the minecart they are in
  • Fixed damage when passing through a bush of sweet berries
  • Slugs can climb ladder
  • Fixed display of stairs
  • Using a compass without Magnetite does not delete the compass name
  • Crimson and Warped Mushrooms can now be placed on mycelium

Slugs can climb ladder

Graphic arts
In the area of graphics, the developers have made 7 changes. Main items on the list:
  • Fixed strider leg textures
  • Created a biomes_client.json file associated with the definition of fog in biomes
  • Added /fog command to control fog


This is a beta version. Back up your worlds.
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