Minecraft PE [Beta]

26 Sep 2020

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The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android devices and made many changes and added commands.

General changes
In total, 71 changes were made to the game. We have identified several main groups among them. List of general changes:
  • Fixed crashes during the game
  • Fixed crashes due to the new achievement screen
  • Optimized chunk loading
  • Fixed breakage of the Nether Portals
  • The achievement "Mayakovsky" can now be unlocked
  • Fixed getting the achievement "Archer"
  • Fixed the generation of chests in the Edge

Achievement Mayakovsky has been fixed

Mobs, blocks and items
  • The spawn radius of mobs now depends on the map draw range
  • Fixed residents spawned in previous versions of Minecraft
  • Increased the productivity of farmers when working in the beds
  • Voice acting added to Wings of Phantoms
  • Striders can jump onto Magma blocks
  • When a player returns from the End, their pets remain tamed
  • Fixed textures of hives and bee nests
  • Fixed display of item names
  • Banners can be crafted in the 2x2 crafting window
  • Fixed display of crafting items
  • Fixed item damage display not showing until world reload
  • The durability of an item is displayed immediately after crafting it
  • Fixed display of mob heads and eggs summoning bees in inventory
  • Netherite armour no longer loses durability when standing on magma

Strider jumps onto the Magma block

Recently, new commands have been added to the beta. Bedrock is no exception:
  • Added the /ClearSpawnPoint command
  • Added the /event command to trigger events
  • Using the /spawnpoint command no longer affects sleeping players

New commands have been added to the game.

Remaining changes
These were the major changes. In addition to them, minor changes were made to the following categories:
  • Technical
  • User interface
  • Skin editor
  • Crafting window
  • Touch control
  • Sound

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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    The market does not work, since this version has been hacked into the Skin Editor. We cannot configure the simultaneous operation of the market and the editor.


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