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07 Feb 2021

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On such hot days, the hunt should swim properly and not get out of the cool water. This is why the Powerboats mod was developed, which brings powerboats to the world of Minecraft. Forget about boating or dolphins - now you will quickly cover long distances on speed boats and jet skis.

To obtain such boats, you will need to do craft and some other actions, but the result will be worth all the effort. Each boat will be able to turn into a motor beast with incredible speed.
This is exactly what you need in order to explore the deep oceans. Take three friends with you and set sail. No spawn egg drops after destruction. Can be repaired with iron ingots or redstone.
Submarine crafting recipe
Boat, hovercraft and submarine
Can be used both on land and on water. Universal research machine. No spawn egg drops, so repair it before the ship takes fatal damage. Iron ingot and redstone will help to deal with this.
Hovercraft crafting recipe
Steve and Alex are sailing on a hovercraft
The small-looking boat can accommodate four users. There are 9 types of boats available. Wooden variants are slightly faster, but much more fragile (40 health instead of 80). Camouflage specimens are much slower, but have 100 health points.
Speedboat crafting recipe
Various types and colors of speed boats
Jet ski
Five types of transport. On them you can arrange races, since all types of jet skis ride the same way. The winner will be determined only by the ability to drive. Slightly slower than boats. Iron ingots are used for repairs. After destroying the jet ski, a jet ski spawn egg will appear.
Jet Ski Recipe
A range of jet skis in various colors
Fish boat
An extremely cheap option for those who like fishing with friends. There are three seats available.
Fishing boat crafting
Fish boat
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1.16.210 (beta)






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Beyonder 7 February 2021 21:47
Excellent idea! Minecraft abounds with extensive oceans and rivers to explore, with these transports it will be easier and more fun.