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23 Feb 2021

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Many players who have fallen in love with Terraria know about mimicry - the most dangerous mob that can pretend to be a chest. Such an insidious trap makes users lose a bunch of items and spend a huge amount of time returning to the same place. Now the mob will appear in Minecraft using the Mimic mod. And not just one - there will be enough new types of mimics to be afraid of caves every time.

  • Will be waiting for you everywhere
  • You will rejoice at the accidentally found chest, but it turns out that this is an evil creature that longs for your death
  • To spawn a mob, you need to enter the command /summon rpg: mimic
  • In survival mode, mimics will spawn in caves
  • The mimic is no different from chests, so you will not be able to detect deception - you have to be ready all the time (for example, in the screenshots below, the mimic sits in the middle, so the chests do not combine into one big one)
  • Damage: 4 hearts and slow
  • Health: 30 units
  • Drop: emeralds, iron ingots, gold and random items such as gunpowder or cobblestone
spawn egg facial expressions
four chests
toothy chest 1
toothy chest 2
Big mimic
  • More teeth, more ferocity
  • In survival mode, spawns in caves
  • To spawn a mob, you need to enter the command /summon rpg: mimic _large
  • Looks exactly like a large chest
  • Attacks the villagers
  • Can attack through blocks
  • Damage: 4.5 hearts and blindness for 3 seconds
  • Health: 46 units
  • Drop: similar to the small species, but also with diamonds
Big mimic
Large facial expression spawn egg
Two large chests
The chest attacks the villager
Ender Mimic
  • Attacks the same as the enderman
  • Survival spawns in the Ender dimension
  • To spawn a mob, you need to enter the command /summon rpg: mimic_ender
  • Looks exactly like the End Chest
  • Like all other species, will attack villagers
  • Able to teleport
  • Damage: 6 hearts and blindness
  • Health: 46 units
  • Drop: Obsidian, Shulker Shell and Ender Pearls
  • In the future, it may spawn in the cities of the End
Ender Mimic
Ender Mimic Spawn Egg
Two End Chests
  • Crawls over land and swims in water
  • Do not go into the water - there the mob is much faster and imposes poison
  • In survival mode, spawns on beaches
  • To spawn a mob, you need to enter the command /summon rpg: mimic_barrel
  • Damage: 4 hearts and poison
  • Health: like a normal facial expression
  • Drop: sand, seagrass, treasure map or emeralds
Mimic barrel in water
Mimic Barrel Spawn Egg
Shallow barrel
Dropped Item
Mimic attacks in water
Mimic Golem
  • The most dangerous species, capable of taking down more than half of the health per hit
  • The iron golems do not notice him
  • Can easily infiltrate the village
  • Doesn't attack villagers
  • Waiting for the player to eat it
  • Doesn't spawn naturally
  • To spawn a mob, you need to enter the command /summon rpg: mimic_golem
  • Drop: bones, iron, emeralds and diamonds
Mimic Golem
Two golems
Mimic Golem Spawn Egg
Two iron golems and a villager
Mimic Golem chases the player
Mimicry heart
Mimicry heart
Mimicry heart in the ground
Pocket Pet
  • Help to carry things
  • Until tamed, they will flee from mimics
  • After taming, they will attack
  • Will serve as detectors of mimics
  • Created from chest and heart mimics
  • Tamed by heart facial expressions
Pocket Pet
Pocket pet craft
Large pocket pet
  • More, but slower than their fellows
  • Behavior similar to a regular pocket pet
Large pocket pet
Large pocket pet craft
Barrel Pocket Pet
  • Small amphibian
  • Swims fast
  • Does not sink
  • It is recommended to transport them by boat, despite the ability
  • Craft: Mimic Heart and Barrel
Barrel Pocket Pet
Barrel Pocket Pet Craft
Ender Pocket Pet
  • Explosion immunity, but takes damage in water
  • Knows how to teleport
  • After spawn, you need to tame
  • Craft: Mimic Heart and End Chest
Ender Pocket Pet
Ender Pocket Pet craft
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)


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