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16 Mar 2021

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The AdvancementPack - Java Advancements mod invites you to improve the interface and gameplay in Minecraft in the simplest way: by introducing the same functions as in the Java version of the block world. I touched on achievements and the How to Play? Screen, but we're sure there will be many more changes in the future. The new menu will present all the improvements that are available for the game. To unlock them, you need to complete certain tasks, which are also described there. True, only in English.

Pop-up achievements
If the player is able to complete the achievement, then a pop-up message about this will appear at the top. The corresponding sound will also appear.
The player reflects the projectile and receives the achievement
Appearance of achievements on the screen
Obtaining achievements
Block of achievements "Minecraft"
  • Minecraft: Major Achievement
  • Stone Age: get a stone with a pickaxe and take it in your hand
  • New!: upgrade your pickaxe and take it in your hand
  • Strike iron ...: get an iron ingot and take it in your hand
  • Dress code: protect yourself with a piece of iron armor
  • Hot Stuff: Fill a Bucket with Lava
  • And the pickaxe rusts idle: create an iron pickaxe and take it in your hand
  • Don't wait!: block the attack with your shield
  • Elements Two: Get an Obsidian Block and Take it in Your Hand
  • Diamonds!: find diamonds and take them in your hand
  • Molten Core: Enter the Nether Portal
  • Show me diamonds: put on a full set of diamond armor
  • Wizard: Not yet available
  • Doctor for Zombies: Heal the Zombie Villager
  • Unsleeping Eye: Throw away the Eye of the Ender
  • The End?: Enter the End Dimension
Block of achievements "Minecraft"
Block of achievements "Lower World"
  • Nether: Enter the Downworld
  • Return to Sender: Kill the ghast with a fireball
  • Naf-naf doesn't live here anymore: enter the bastion
  • Shards of the Past: Retrieve Ancient Debris and take it in your hand
  • Wormhole: Use the Nether to traverse 7000 blocks in the normal world (875 blocks in hell). To do this, you need to build a second portal.
  • Halls of Dread: Not yet available
  • Obsidian Tears: Receive Crying Obsidian and take it in your hand
  • Branzulette !: trade a gold item with a piglin
  • You carry me along the lava: sit on a strider with a mushroom on a stick
  • War of the Worlds: Take the Ghast to the Normal World and Kill
  • It was yours - it is ours !: not yet available
  • Guiding Stone: Not Available Yet
  • Okay Armor: Equip a full set of Netherite Armor
  • Poor Yorick !: Retrieve the Wither Skeleton Skull and hold it
  • Into the Fire: Get the Fire Rod
  • Koschei's Casket: Not yet available
  • Last minute tour: visit all biomes of the Downworld
  • Local Potions Master: Brew a Potion
  • Wonder Judo: Spawn the Wither
  • Energy Cocktail: Get all potion effects at the same time
  • Desired light: create a beacon
  • Impossible is possible !: get all effects at the same time
  • Mayakovsky: not yet available
Block of achievements "Lower World"
Block of achievements "Edge"
  • Edge: Get to the Edge
  • Free the Edge: Slay the Dragon
  • New Generation: Hold a Dragon Egg
  • Perfect escape: not yet available
  • Deja vu: resurrect the dragon
  • Freshen Your Breath: Hold the Dragon Breath Potion
  • Make yourself at home, traveler: not yet available
  • Where are your wings ?: put on elytra
  • Great view !: 50 blocks up with a shulker
Block of achievements "Edge"
Block of achievements "Adventure"
  • Adventure: kill an entity or die at its hands
  • Voluntary Exile: Kill the Raid Leader
  • Monster Hunter: Kill any monster
  • Without leaving the checkout!: Not yet available
  • Slow Fall: Jump to the side of the honey block from a low height
  • Self-Shot: Crossbow Shots
  • Sleep, my joy, sleep: sleep on the bed
  • Hero of the Village: Defend Against the Raid
  • Get Ripped: Throw the Trident
  • Right on target: bow shots to essence
  • St. John's Wort: Kill at least one monster of each type
  • Light at the end of the tunnel: activate the totem of immortality
  • The Three Laws of Golem Technique: Spawn an Iron Golem
  • Two Birds in One Shot: Kill Phantoms with Piercing Arrows
  • And who is the robber now ?: kill the robber with a crossbow
  • Adventure Time: Find all the biomes in the regular world
  • May Thunder Ranged: Kill the Villager with Lightning (with the Enchanted Trident)
  • Sniper duel: kill a skeleton within 50 blocks
  • Bull's eye !: not yet available
Block of achievements "Adventure"
Achievement block "Agriculture"
  • Agriculture: eat or drink something
  • Honey for our guest: take a bottle of honey in your hands
  • Fishing business: throw the rod
  • Human friend: tame the animal
  • Total bee colonization: take a bee's nest in your hands
  • Field of miracles: plant a seed and wait for growth
  • Complete catalog: tame all variants of cats
  • Happy Farmer: Not yet available
  • Robin Bobbin: Eat Everything Edible
  • Claim to Win: Upgrade a Hoe with Nether
  • Fishing trick: catch fish without a rod
Achievement block "Agriculture"
Menu "How to play?"
There will be all possible changes that can be opened by completing tasks.
Menu "How to play?"
View progress
With the help of commands, you can find out the progress of the game, that is, how many tasks you have already completed.
  • /function check/progress - shows those tasks that have been completed
  • /function check/all - shows achievements that can be completed
View progress
Improved version of the add-on
  • You don't need to hold items in your hand to get the achievement
  • Works in multiplayer
  • Currently in experimental mode and there may be bugs
Improved version of the add-on
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Caleb 23 March 2022 21:27
Thank you I having so much fun some how :)
Chris 8 November 2021 19:19
Amazing mod keep it up it works plus it's like minecraft already made these
Гость mcpefun 14 October 2021 01:00
does not work keeps saying command block output true and then command block output false
SlytheMiner 5 October 2021 05:54
It's not working
nickjohn 4 June 2021 06:13
good app keep up the good work