Shader: Haptic

28 feb 2021


Haptic shaders are built on a mobile device for all mobile users. The add-on is designed to improve lighting throughout the blocky world of Minecraft PE. Resonant colors, swaying plants, gorgeous skies with a bright moon or bright sun are just a few of what the assembly offers. The minimum performance requirements will allow players to use this add-on even on weak devices.
Very beautiful lighting near a three-story mansion
Realistic sky and sun textures
Extremely realistic moonlit sky
Poles with lanterns burn at night near the river
Purple shade of lighting in a cave
A path in the plain with lampposts on the sides
A close-up view of a lantern throwing light with a purple tint
Pleasant light on the terrace of the house
View of the village illuminated by lanterns on poles
Night forest view
Lantern on the path of a forest glade with trees
A lantern illuminates the road on the way to a cozy house
Bright and contrasting daylight
Bright daylight sun illuminates a two-story mansion with panoramic windows
Updated Networld view using Haptic shaders
Spooky Nether Biome
Homes that have installed lighting with different colors
Many burning lanterns on the field near the village in Minecraft
Nether portal set in the middle of the village
Nicely decorated corridor in posemelier
Lanterns installed on a fence near the river are lit at night
Lava Sea in the Lower World
Lower World and lava falls
An unusual monster in the dark
Bright lava in the dark
Light in the crimson biome
Lava waterfall wall
Lonely stream of lava
  • Plants and leaves animation
  • Water animation
  • Beautiful sky, moon and sun (no delay)
  • HD font and rain
  • Bright colors
  • Better lighting
  • 3 new packs with Classic Texture, Haptic Plus and 4K Moon

Recommended brightness is 50%.
Download Haptic shaders (.mcpack)

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Download 2 installation method (.zip)

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