Minecraft PE [Beta]

08 Apr 2021

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The developers have released Minecraft update for Android. This update made changes for the Cave Update and fixed bugs. Details below.

Changes for Caves and Cliffs
The developers have made 36 changes to update the "Caves and Rocks". We have highlighted the most important:
  • Fixed attachment of leads to Axolotls
  • Removed unknown items in the creative inventory
  • Fixed the destruction time of Shale blocks
  • Water and lava drip more often from the drip
  • Glowing lichen is generated on the walls of underground reservoirs
  • Fixed attachment of leashes to Octopus
  • When fertilized, moss can grow vertically
  • When fertilizing a block of moss, more moss may grow on top
  • Azalea can now be fertilized to grow an azalea tree
  • Glowing berries are generated in minecarts in caves
  • Moss block can be found in chests on abandoned ships
Lava and water drip more often from the drip
Loose snow
Lots of changes apply to Loose Snow. The developers made 11 changes for loose snow, and we have highlighted them in a separate list:
  • Leather armor prevents horses from freezing
  • Nether mobs take more cold damage
  • Polar Bears, Zimogor and Snow Golems no longer freeze
  • It takes 7 seconds to freeze completely instead of 15
  • Frost damage is dealt every 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds
  • Increased vertical speed inside loose snow
  • Increased the time of extraction of loose snow
  • If the creature is in leather boots, when it falls from a height of more than 2.5 blocks, it falls inward, and does not remain on the surface
  • If the creature is on fire, it not only extinguishes in loose snow, but also melts the block
  • If the creature is completely frozen, it shakes
  • The fog effect is applied if the player is standing too close to loose snow
The horse does not freeze now if it is equipped with leather armor
Bug fixes
Fixed 18 bugs. We have highlighted the main:
  • Fixed player spawning in unsafe locations when first connecting to the world
  • Fixed charged creeper aura
  • Fixed a bug due to which pictures were not displayed
  • Improved underwater visibility
  • Changed underwater color to better match Java
Fixed bugs and errors
Don't forget the "Caves and Cliffs". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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