Map: Working Phone

29 Nov 2020

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We have already published assemblies with working devices in Minecraft, and now it's time for a working phone on the Working Phone map. The phone screen uses a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, which is a lot by the standards of the block universe. The device has a working keyboard and many games. You can quickly learn how to use it.

How do I open my phone?
You can change the style of your phone.
Map: Working Phone
You must first press the sneak button to unlock the device.
After that, a start screen with 8 applications will appear. Most of them work!
The selected application is marked with a yellow outline.
W, A, S, D on computer - change cursor point
Jump - Select Application
Sneak button - sends to the start screen

Make sure the block draw distance is greater than 13.
Functional applications
  • Settings - change the background of the screen. Three options available
  • Notes - small messages can be entered
  • Flappy Bird is an extremely tough game. If you get five points, then this is a great achievement. Scoreboard available. Players can die as frames per second are just one unit
  • Photos - four images to view
  • Music - four songs to choose from. You can repeat or stop the song. Music will play even if the application is minimized
  • Minecraft
  • Phone - you can dial numbers
  • The rest of the applications are presented as images, but will not work
Non-functional applications
  • Youtube
  • Safari
  • Phone
  • Cards
  • Application loader
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