Mod: Leather Healing

09 Dec 2020

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Rotten Flesh is one of the most useless items in Minecraft PE. Compared to rotten flesh, even a golden hoe doesn't look so sad. But the developers of the Leather Healing mod have managed to find a use for rotten flesh. Now every player will start using rotten flesh to craft leather. And the skin will be many times more useful than a piece of useless zombie meat. Rotten Flesh will no longer be a slot in your inventory that you want to free up.

Dryers are available with any kind of wood
Dryers are available with any kind of wood
Creating a dryer
Creating a dryer
Creating a dryer
Creating a dryer
Replacing rotten flesh with leather
Replacing rotten flesh with leather
Old version
Zombie Meat Cleansing
Recipe for cleansing zombie meat with water
When using a needle with thread to process leather, they will return after crafting.
Zombie Meat Cleansing
After that, you need to send the leather to the dryer, which can be purchased from the itinerant merchant for 6 emeralds.
Exchange 6 Emeralds for a Dryer with the Traveling Trader
Using the dryer in the game

Place an iron nugget for crafting a needle.
Recipe for crafting a game from an iron nugget
Let's thread the needle by placing the thread and needle in the crafting inventory.
Recipe for crafting a needle and thread
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