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12 Dec 2020

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Super cool and incredibly large-scale update for Minecraft PE - yCreatures mod. The add-on includes over 100 species of animals. More than a hundred new mobs that will surround the user in the game. Some mobs are pretty cute, and some will try to quickly enjoy exotic food as a player. Each animal received unique textures, behavior and patterns.
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African anteaters
Tameable savannah beasts. They love to eat termites and clean their nests, and then get a good sleep.
African anteaters
Savannahs are constantly circling in the sky and waiting for small prey. There are 2 types available: African black and African fish eagle.
Eagles in the savannah
Eagles fly in the air
Neutral, so don't touch them. Can be tamed and used as a vehicle. Ostriches are fast and jump high. Children are afraid of everything, so when enemies approach, they hide their heads in the ground. Lay eggs.
Three types of ostriches
African buffalo and black palancas
If you see them, we recommend running as fast as possible.
African buffalo
Black palancas
Avoid both players and predators. If they have horns, they will attack you. Fast and smart creatures. They constantly sniff the ground. Many types are available.
Antelope species
Antelopes came together
Huge bison
Hornless antelope
Unusual antelope colors
Animals nibble the grass and lie on the plain
Gray-black antelopes
Nile crocodile
Aggressive to any animal except their own species. Never touch hippos and turtles. Lay 4 eggs during breeding, from which small crocodiles hatch after a while.
Long nile crocodile
The most fearful animals that will run away or hide in their shells. They are slow and lay eggs.
Two turtles get out of the water
Small insects that will amicably extinguish anyone who attacks their termite mounds.
Termite nest
Beautiful animals that do not like to divide the territory. Therefore, if you approach them, you will be rebuffed. They can splash water from the trunk to cool off in the hot savannah.
Big and strong elephants
Other animals
Tall giraffes
A flock of cheetahs
Two hyenas
Hippopotamus swims and waits for prey
The king of beasts on the plain
The animal hid in the grass
Small but dangerous race
Big and dangerous rhino
Two zebras eat grass
Flying bird
Other functions
The assembly contains new items, armor, structure blocks, and more.
Large, withered tree
Wood structures
Termites and pebbles
The inside of the termite house
Hut in the middle of the savannah
All add-on items
All add-on items
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Whaevrperson 20 January 2022 20:30
Can you add more animals? Not to rush you. But l been thinking of flamingos and squirrels. But form that it's amazing!
Geraldo Vieira 17 December 2020 20:33
São simplesmente incríveis e maravilhosos. Mas só existem animais de Savana? Não existem outros animais de outros biomas?