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18 Dec 2020

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Minecraft snow biomes have always been colder than usual, but with the Frost mod, they will become truly icy. The build is overhauling the snow biome, adding many new features. You can find new types of blocks, trees, craft armor, and even meet new types of creatures. The add-on aims to make the snow biome more interesting and better.

The author expects to replenish the assembly with new updates, so stay tuned for changes.

Once a mysterious portal opened in the sky, releasing powerful energy. The energy immediately hit the coldest parts of the planet. When this happened, a new life was formed. Beautiful blue trees have sprung up, caverns have grown colder and more eerie, and new threats have emerged. Locals call this a curse, as it has become much more difficult to grow crops. Rumor has it that the cattle began to disappear. What happened? Let's find out more about this.

Please note that the add-on does not include a new biome, but only changes the existing one.
New type of snow biome
Frosty trees
Tall and stunning trees that radiate cold energy. Do not touch the trunks: even lava will freeze here. Plants are generated in the snowy plains and in the taiga. Sometimes the spawn works in an unusual way, for example, as in the screenshot below. When mining the trunk, the player will receive wood, from which you can get boards. And every user of the block world knows what to craft from boards. In the future, the author will change crafting recipes and create new types of tools.
Frosty trees
Frosty wood and planks
Obtaining Frost Planks
Getting sticks from frost planks
Obtaining a sword from frost planks
Obtaining a Shovel from Frost Planks
Getting a hoe from frosty planks
Obtaining a Pickaxe from Frost Planks
Obtaining an ax from frost planks
Frosty leaves
New types of leaves can drop things that are shown in the screenshot: for example, a blue apple.
  • Restores 6 units of hunger
  • Can be eaten at any time
  • Gives speed 2 for 15 seconds
Frosty leaves
Frosty caves
The caves are so cold that nothing survives in the depths. An icy wind blows in the caves, making its way from the very peaks. People who managed to get here say that the wind sounds like a real song. Exploring these caves will be another fun activity for players.
Frosty caves
Frost stone
A new kind of blocks that can be mined. Works like a regular stone: first, a cobblestone is dropped, which can be turned into a regular stone in a furnace.
Frost stone
Getting Froststone from Cobblestone
Frost ore
A new type of ore that can be used to build swords and armor. Powerful surges of frozen energy inside. They say that when mining you get goosebumps. Some miners were immediately paralyzed after mining frozen ore. Works like all other types of ore.
Frost ore
Obtaining a Frost Ore Ingot
Frost ore helm
Frost Ore Chestpiece
Frost Ore Leggings
Frost Ore Boots
Frost Ore Stick
Frost Ore Sword
A player with armor and a sword of frost ore
Frost armor
  • Slightly weaker than iron armor
  • It is not yet possible to give strength to the elements, so they are endless
  • 4.5 armor
  • Helmet: 0.5 units
  • Chestplate: 2 units
  • Leggings: 1.5 units
  • Boots: 1 unit
  • In the future, the durability will be 275 units, but so far this does not work

Frosty sword
  • 6 damage
  • Can be enchanted
  • Gives the effect of resistance
  • In the future, the durability will be 275 units, but so far this does not work
Cold Biome Cave
Cave of stones and frost stones
Wool hat
  • Warm clothes for the frosty biome
  • 0.5 armor
  • Endless durability
Crafting an unusual type of helmet
Frozen zombie
  • A simple monster, analogous to an ordinary zombie
  • 20 health units
  • 6 damage units
  • Slows down for 30 seconds
  • There is no drop yet
Frozen zombie
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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