Mod: Armor Expansion

06 Jan 2021

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The Armor Expansion mod adds 8 types of new armor to the world of Minecraft PE. Each of them has not only unique characteristics, but also gives the player certain abilities. With these types of armor, you will not be afraid of any enemy in the blocky world.

Workbench for crafting armor
First you need a workbench, in which all new items are prepared.
Workbench for crafting armor
Coal armor
  • Glows when a character is holding a torch
Coal armor
Ember Helm
Charcoal Chestpiece
Coal Leggings
Coal Boots
Lapis armor
  • The effect depends on the level:
    • 5-10 level: speed
    • 15-20 level: jump increase
    • Level 25-30: Resistance
Lapis armor
Lapis Lazuli Helmet
Lapis Lazuli Chestpiece
Lapis Lazuli Leggings
Lapis Lazuli Boots
Redstone armor
  • Gives speed 2
Redstone armor
Redstone helmet
Redstone bib
Redstone Leggings
Redstone boots
Turtle armor
  • Helmet gives the effect of underwater breathing
  • Gives armor and slowdown
  • Will be part of the new armor
Turtle armor
Turtle Chestpiece
Turtle Leggings
Turtle boots
Shulker armor
  • Provides protection if you press the button to sneak, but you cannot move
Shulker armor
Shulker helmet
Shulker Breastplate
Shulker Leggings
Shulker boots
Prismarine Armor
  • Gives naval strength and immunity to poison
  • When attacking, the player will impose poison on enemies
  • When the armor is removed, the player will receive a poison effect for 3 seconds
  • You move faster in water and can breathe underwater
Prismarine Armor
Prismarine Helm
Prismarine Breastplate
Prismarine Leggings
Prismarine Boots
Guardian Thorn
  • New loot from the guards
  • Required to craft Prismarine Armor

Ice armor
  • Imposes a slowdown of 4 on any mob around, and the player has a speed of 6
  • Can be found in igloos, taiga villages, or forge
Ice armor
Igloo in the snow biome
Unusual structures in the snow biome
Hidden types of armor
  • These types of armor require materials from other add-ons
  • Bismuth armor
    • Requires bismuth
    • Gives regeneration 2
  • Wither Bone Armor
    • Requires bone armor
    • Immunity to wither
    Hidden types of armor
    Items in the creative inventory
    Items in the creative inventory

    Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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