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01 Apr 2021

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Add-on developers have long learned how to remove frames between glass blocks in Minecraft. For this, ordinary textures were used, which removed unnecessary elements in the blocks. But in this case, the classical type of glass was lost and they could not be combined. This won't happen with the Connected Glass mod, as the new glass will be added as new blocks. To get it, you can go to the creative inventory or craft them.

All kinds of connected glass
All kinds of connected glass
Two types of connected glass
Window in the house
You no longer need to enter commands like /give @p command, since the build is fully automated. All types of glasses will be connected independently.

How it works?
Further information for advanced users, do not delve into if you just want to use connected glasses.

Currently, blocks cannot determine the position of another element. But entities can, so the author used them instead of blocks. Each glass block will spawn with a detector inside, as in the screenshot below. They are initially invisible, so use the /function show_detector command to expand. To remove them back - the command /function hide_detector.
Glass blocks with detectors
The detectors resemble a camera in their behavior. For this, the query.relative_block_has_any_tags code is used, so you do not need to use other commands to connect blocks.

It is important to remember: a large number of entities generate bugs, so the more blocks, the more entities. If you use the /function remove_detector command, then all detectors in the blocks will be destroyed. Before doing this, it is important to make sure that all the glasses are installed, otherwise the newly added blocks will not connect with the previously installed ones.
Detectors inside glass blocks
Invisible detectors inside glass blocks
If this does happen, it is enough to pick up a stick. When you click on a block of glass, a detector will spawn in it. After that, the glasses will begin to connect again, and entities will appear inside.
Glass wall
How to get glasses?
Use crafting or creative tools.
Obtaining items in the creative inventory
Getting flat glass
Obtaining blue flat glass
Getting green flat glass
Getting yellow flat glass
The new glass does not work for the lighthouse.
The use of glass in a lighthouse
In addition, Faithful textures are used.
Displaying assembly textures
Added 4 glass options that can be selected in the add-on settings.
Selecting add-on settings
Types of glasses
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
Download Connected Glass mod (.mcpack)

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Download textures for the Connected Glass mod (.mcpack)

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)



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LOLOLOLOLOOL 30 October 2022 06:34

Quote: Sophie
I’m trying to use this for my iPad but it keeps saying ‘Failed to Import’ can you help?

dis is cuz you propably have a later version and this is supported for an earlier viersion
one1 7 July 2022 15:00
great mod but wished there is connected glass panes in the future
Sophie 31 January 2022 09:42
I’m trying to use this for my iPad but it keeps saying ‘Failed to Import’ can you help?