Texture: Vanilla RTX

23 Dec 2020

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Many people complain that RTX is designed only for ultra-powerful computers for which ordinary Minecraft users do not have the money. It turns out that only those who have money can enjoy the new features and designs. We will not put up with this: Vanilla RTX textures are designed for more budget devices. True, the add-on will only be supported on Windows 10. It also requires a certain amount of device power, but not the same as for the original RTX.

Multicolored glass
Blue lights
Flowing lava
Magma blocks
Blue fire
Warped biome
Block next to lava
Train rails
Glowing particles
Lighted place
Pile of lava
Beautiful rays
Portal to the edge
Torch on the wall
Hellish growth
Door and windows
Lava lake
Cooking rack
Fire on the ground
Portal to the edge
Ore blocks
Water surface
End City
Underwater space
Pile of ore
The project is under construction, but you can already apply the effect to your worlds. The textures will be updated.
Download Vanilla RTX textures (.mcpack)

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Download Vanilla RTX textures (3D blocks) (.mcpack)

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