Mod: Hollow Earth

02 May 2021

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The name of the Hollow Earth mod is not entirely clear, since the Minecraft world will be significantly replenished with huge monsters. The player will live around giants that can be tamed and ridden if done in time. We hope you have the courage to interact with these monsters.

How it works?
The supplement includes new mobs and new items that can be obtained even in survival mode. All mobs spawn naturally, which increases the risk of being killed during the next trip.

If the performance in the game is difficult, then you should turn off the "Generate mobs" setting and enter the command in the chat panel "/ Kill @ e" to make the game better. But the mobs will have to spawn on their own.
Empty Land Expansion Preview
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The mob is really powerful and scary, but at the same time it can be a good ally.

  • Health: 320 units
  • Health (tamed): 600
  • Damage: 22-56
  • Damage (Tamed): 120
  • Spawn: taiga
  • Scale: 0.8
  • Scale (tamed): 1
  • Attacks: zombies, destroyers, robbers, players and others
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Baby Tyrannosaurs can be tamed. After that, you can ride them, and they make funny sounds.
Tyrannosaurus Rex Cub
The author tried to add realism: mobs will sleep at night and rest from time to time.
Tyrannosaurus rex player
To mount a dinosaur, you need to wear a saddle. The mob will follow you if you hold the bone.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Player next to Tyrannosaurus
Ghost monster
Flying demons are extremely dangerous in nature. They often fight tyrannosaurs.

  • Health: 250 units
  • Health (tamed): 450
  • Damage: 10
  • Damage (tamed): 50
  • Spawn: everywhere
  • Scale: 1
  • Scale (tamed): 1.5
  • Attacks: zombies, skeletons, animals, destroyers, robbers, players and others
Ghost monster
Similar to Tyrannosaurus rex, they can be tamed by babies.
Creepy monsters
Once tamed, they can be flown.
Spooky ghost monster
With tamed mobs, you will not be afraid of any mob.
Ghost Monster Player
Ghost Monster With Saddle
Phantom Monster and Tyrannosaurus Rex
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